AXIA Design Team
Technical Information
Jason Pimble e-mail
Lead (and only) programmer, enemy logics and level designs.
Tony Proios e-mail
All in-game graphics, game design, menu graphics, fonts, and sound-effects.
Jon Dal e-mail
All game music.
Scott Emerle e-mail
Cinematic still graphics, storyline, in-game voice-samples.
Guest Artwork
Thomas Pytel , Enemy ship
Paul Mason, Menu pointers

Guest Musicians
Sotiris Varotsis aka AMusic
Thomas Venieris aka moT

The game is roughly based on the old idea of, "Wouldn't asteroids be cool if you were in the middle of the screen while everything rotated around you?". The first game to do this that we know of was Transplant for the Amiga 500 computer. We felt a game with this level of action could be done on the PC as well.

AXIA developement took roughly 3 years to finish, mainly due to the members on the developement team still attending school and working other jobs. This was the first commercial game project done by any of the members.

The music system is a sample based tracker system. We used MIKMOD as a music & sound driver, as it is one of the better DOS based drivers available (as well as being ported to other operating systems), though it was modified some to suit our environment. The in-game music is 8 channel stereo (originally XM format). Most of the samples are 16bit for high quality sound! A limit of 8 channels was put on the music due to the amount of CPU utilization. There are also 4 additional channels dedicated for sound effects only.

Video mode used is considered to be a "Tweaked" mode, 640x400x16. Most video cards support it however. We opted for this mode because it allows for page-flipping, which is important to keeping the gameplay smooth without any visual shearing. 640x480 does not allow page-flipping (without VESA extensions) as there is not enough video memory on a standard VGA card.

Space Orb support is implemented. We thank the Space Orb folks at the 1997 E3 exhibition for supplying us with a free model, as well as any tech support needed to implement them in the game.