AXIA System Requirements

Minimum Requirements Optimum Requirements
486-25Mhz IBM-PC Compatible Pentium IBM-PC Compatible
400k Conventional, 8 Megs Total 8 Megs RAM
MS-DOS 5.0 + MS-DOS 5.0 or Win95
VGA Standard Graphics Card Fast VGA Graphics Card
Sound Card
AXIA Supports the following sound-cards:
  • Original Soundblaster
  • Sound Blaster 16
  • Sound Blaster AWE-32/64
  • Sound Blaster Compatibles
  • Pro-Audio Spectrum
  • Ensonique Soundscape
  • Gravis Ultrasound
  • AXIA contains several graphical & sound option settings to get the best possible performance out of your system.

    This game is Win95 compatible under a MS-DOS window. AXIA will automaticly detect whether or not Win95 is running, there are no seperate programs to install or run!