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Net Fests 2000

Yes, we are still blasting and blowing things in the year 2000! Haahaaa!

Left to right: Xydexx, Japi, Wogewom
Left to right: Xydexx, Mike Hopkins


Some of us couldn't wait for the food, so...
Ahhh, nothing like a big 'ole fire for the meat!

Sometime, 2000

This netfest marks the final one we will most likely have at Teufel (Jay's) house, as his future plans involves him moving out,, uhhh,, well...just plain Texas. >:) We had a great time playing Unreal Tournament the WHOLE TIME...>: ) It just like happened, you know, by itself. We did actually get food cooked too, lotsa pussy doughnuts, strangely angled photos and LAMES.... We had a lot of fun times here with memories of all sorts, we're all very thankful for Jay and Chuck for having them in their home.