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Net Fests 2002
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Front to Back: Mr. Nose, Iceman, Fat Rat (hidden), pr0n, Windsinger
Joystick wear is apparent with Rat's controllers.
Or he just gave us all bad controllers so he can win.

Left to Right: Fat-Rat, Mark, Icecube, Maskingtape, Kasta, Japi
Floor: Feets-Pr0nvoznick, fetish of the sole

Looks like a good idea.


Iceman is trumphant admist the confusion.
Even with his own teammate apparently.

Fat Rat goes for a walk.

 Fat and Skinny

 Laurel and Hardy

  It's dead, Jim!  

Someone went for the bonus points. While some others just went.

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Champion: Torgo

Second Place: pr0nvoznik

B Point King: pr0nvoznik, Torgo

Mad Bomber King: Torgo, pr0nvoznik, Fat-Rat


Torgo Gets Old

Torgo's Spatula and ice-cream cake.

Torgo. Torgo.

June 15th, 2002

Hey another netfest! A slightly smaller one but fun nontheless. Not much in the way of Lan Gaming, the only action we saw of that primarily were some heated Quake 3 death matches between Iceman and Windsinger.

We did have some outdoor action going on with a Badmitten set that Fat-Rat brought along. It was quite fun! At one point, Pr0n rushed the net and broke it. I don't think he scored either on that. (:

Torgo turned older at this netfest, and was given the regular treatment of an ice-cream cake and a spatula spanking.