- --{ Bugs by Windsinger on Apr 19, 2003 }-- -
The website was down at fault of our hosting provider. This also disabled the Netfest mailing list. Everything is working again, finaly.

There will be another attempt at organization this upcoming netfest. More team based games will be played, and to make things quicker, balanced Teams will be set up before hand. There is even talk of networking Diablo II.

Links of the Moment:
Skullduggery Review Why?
Avant Browser A necessity for browsing in Windows.
AOLer Translater Speak like a 12-year-old AOLer!
Japi's Homepage Find the hidden pr0n!

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- --{ Things & Stuff & Things by Windsinger on Feb 03, 2003 }-- -
Not much to talk about at the moment. Japi has been working on his linux media player server interface. Windsinger almost has the new AXiA website ready to go.

How about a non-sequitur:
[15:33] eMpTy: no no...quake 3 is ass on a stick!
[15:39] Windsinger: But it's good. it has fun. It's pure naked, wet, exhilirating action. it's pureness of nudity is the primal attraction to it. Quake 3 0wnz.
[15:40] eMpTy: I have quicktime installed (just gonna ignore that quake 3 comment)

Links of the Moment:
T_Zwei Excellent old & new school side shooter.
Japanese Demos Something different.
PI Trainer Something geeky.

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- --{ New Years Eve Netfest Announcement by Windsinger on Dec 20, 2002 }-- -
New Years Eve Netfest Reminder!
December 31st, 2002-2003

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Some expected gaming notes, we have a Win32 port of Doom, Heretic & Hexen complete with networking! 16 player Doom with no coaxial network problems! Woohoo! DoomsdayHQ site.

We're also looking to try any good racing games, bring suggestions!

Links of the moment:
Text Based Pong You know you want it.
Ubercon Gaming Convention Lose money faster than a drunk in a casino.
Mutant Storm Robotron & Smash-TV like game for Win32. Excellent.
Pirate Glossary Yarr, brush up on your pirate gaming lingo, matey.

Flash Snow Effect Provided by flash.multiputer.com

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- --{ Turkey Day Netfest by Windsinger on Nov 27, 2002 }-- -
Turkey Day Netfest reminder! It is still on the Saturday after Turkey Day, which would make the date November 30th.

Remote Gaming IP:
Quake 3 Arena v.1.32 w/ Punk Buster &
Unreal Tournament 2003 v.2136 are accessible at their default gameports.

DDD Games IRC Server:
Channel: #netfest

Use the IRC server during the netfest to leave messages, map changes and game requests, and also check server stats with the Statbot!

Some some software/hardware changes in preperation for this 'fest,
which resulted in a new dedicated gaming server. After a problem with the power supply exploding was worked out, it seems to be running decently.

The machine currently hosts UT2003 and Q3TA games, with decent ping times for the people I have seen playing. So maybe remote gaming will work nicely this time.

We're going to try a different contest this time for a prize. The challenge consists of a very non-standard joystick configuration to play a standard FPS game. The game & joystick configuration will be determined at the netfest, along with the goals in the game you must try to pass.

Interested in coming? Need directions? email jpimble

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- --{ New News Program Test by Tux on Nov 22, 2002 }-- -
This is a test of our new news messaging system.

Your wet admin,

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