Dungeon Dwellers Design
is a hobbyist group of individuals making games and technical-demos on various computer platforms.

Member: Japi
Birthdate: May 14th, 1977
Standings: Founder, Main Programmer, Consumer of mass quantities of food-stuffs
Interests: Computers, Classical Music, Power Metal, #Poetry, #trax
Quote: Not too shabby.

Member: Blackwolf
Birthdate: May 12th, 1977
Standings: Musician, Annoying Nag
Interests: Music, Marching Percussion, Computer Programming, Video Games
Quote: "Why does everyone keep talking about my ass?"

Member: Fat Rat
Birthdate: May 7th, 1974
Standings: Coder, Lamer
Interests: Video Games, programming, good UI design, funky computer graphics, BeOS, Math, things that go "Skreee!"
Quote: Smash Brothers? Did someone say Smash Brothers?!

Member: Dark Avenger
Birthdate: Somemonth, Someday, 1975
Standings: Artist, Programmer, Resident Complainer
Interests: Metal, Art, Bitmap Brothers, Greek Stuff, Amiga, Stuff that doesn't suck (micro$haft, micro$hit, micro$loth -> digital slavery).
Quote: "What?"

Member: Mesonyx
Birthdate: Then, Before, 1980
Standings: Musician
Interests: Music, computers, music, music, computers, watching babes..
Quote: "Hans Zimmer is a fucking genious!"

Member: Windsinger
Birthdate: March 18th, 1973

Standings: Designer, Web Stuffs, Badger
Interests: Music:Acid House, Trance/Acid, Intelligent Drum&Bass, Klaus Schulze, Foxes. Plays Drums & Flute.
Quote: Build a command post!