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- --{ Next Net-Fest on March 6th, 2003 by Windsinger on Feb 16, 2004 }-- -
Our next scheduled Net-Fest is March 6th, 2003.

Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo has been released. It's excellent. Gameplay is much better than 2003. The engine has been optimised and runs faster than 2003. This will probably get some good playtime at our LAN.

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- --{ Happy New Yarr by Windsinger on Dec 22, 2003 }-- -
With the upcoming holidays, we are having 2 lan parties!

December 27th, the saturday after Christmas.
Wednesday 31st, New Years Eve!

The Net-Fest pages have been updated with our November 29th pictures. It has been finished for a while, I was just waiting on TORGO for an additional picture.

And I'm still waiting on TORGO for an additional picture. I'll post an update whenever he gets it to me.

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- --{ I'm a Soldat. by Windsinger on Nov 08, 2003 }-- -
The next lan-party is on November 29th.
This is our annual Thanksgiving netfest weekend!

The netfest pages have been updated with the previous netfest. They were up soon after the last one, but I was waiting for a few small name details before I officialy announced it. Also merged all 3 parties this year into the entire-year page. Do not try to view that over a modem.

And here are some links to things from the last netfest I said I'd put up.

Windows XP Pirates of the Carribbean Boot Screen
Multi-Theft Auto Homepage.

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- --{ Net-Fest Photos Updated by Windsinger on Oct 09, 2003 }-- -
The Net-Fest photos page has been updated with August 16th's pictures, just in time for this comming weekend's Net Fest!
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