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Net Fests 1996

The net fests started around this time in Windsinger's room. There wasn't much room left when the 4 or 5 people showed up. It was obvious that the effort of everyone lugging their machines over was well worth it though, and soon the word spread. These fests included net-Duke Nukem 3-D, and Big Red Racing, with some Doom as well.

Group #1
Front: Pure Evil Right: Kooky Back:Rogue Scholar

Nov. 10, 1996
Pure Evil drops off his 586AMD/133 for the evening as he meets with a friend home from college. We net the 5 machines at first with the usual Doom matches (Windsinger kicking but as usual in Fragduke, amounting 40 something frags before moving on to other levels which he wins at as well). A guest, Bobba Fette, makes a 4-player round of Death Rally challenging by employing some slick moves. Unfortunatly, not slick enough as Kooky wins that game. The evening wraps up when we couldn't get Big Red Racing to work properly all at once on the machines.

Left to right: Rogue Scholar, Hope, Pure Evil Left to right: Atari 1040STf, IBM 386, IBM 486/66, Full Height 40Meg, Windsinger
Picture dated October 27, 1995
Rogue Scholar Pure Evil
Pure Evil Kooky

December, 1996
Too much holiday stuff occuring to get everyone together. The 486/66 was sold, PE got the 400 Meg HD from it, ram goes into Windsinger's machine.

The Renegade Gamer!
Early Console Wars from the 80's!