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Net Fests 1997

In '97 we began getting more friends involved in the action, and everything moved into Windsinger's basement for more room. The house computers were networked with a permanent coaxial connection, which allowed us to use his father's Petium 133Mhz machines occasionaly. Duke Nukem and Shadow Warrior became the games played the most, sometimes lasting 4 or so hours at a time. Death Rally soon replaced the buggy Big Red Racing. Networking with Quake was attempted at one time, but nobody really enjoyed the game so it was quickly forgotten about. It just doesn't have the cool weapons Duke offers. >:)

Group #2
Front: Pure Evil Right: Kooky Back/Left:Shroud Back/Center:Windsinger
Jan. 14, 1997

We get in a session before semesters start up again. More systems than people and network cables were the big problem this time. We tried having everything down in Windsinger's basement, but ended up short 3 network cables due to the others being wired through the house. A bad network cable was found, but Rogue Scholar managed to "find" a working one soon enough, bringing up 4 working machines for some great Doom and Duke matches, among other games. No hardware was destroyed or damaged this session.

March 14th, 1997

Now with spring break, the regulars had a get-together this friday night. It was a lot of fun all around even though we didn't play that many different games. We started out with the usual Duke to get warmed up, switching to a really cool round of Doom which Kooky won (grrr, he knows how to use that stinkin' BFG). We gave Quake a try since Shroud belongs to a Quake clan at his campus, and demonstrated it too by kicking Rogue Scholar's and Windsinger's asses (The other memebers didn't want to play it, so they took a quick nap). Quake would have been much more fun if we had something better than 586's to run it on. Too choppy. We ended up going back to a fast, smooth Duke3d level that one of Kooky's friends had made, battling it out for a good 3 hours or so 'till about 3:30 in the morning! Excellent round. Everyone left around 5:30AM the next day, making this fest one of the longer ones thus far.

March 20, 1997

Pure Evil, Shroud, Bobbafette and Windsinger attended this thrusday evening's frag fest. We seem to have acquired a favorite level in duke created by one of Kooky's friends, level BDM0-6, which we played for a combined 7 or so hours, with a round of Death Rally and Big Red Racing in between. It's a fast and open level with many counter points, and it doesn't bog down the net too much unless there's a lot of trip wires about (something Windsinger loves to do). It was a lot of fun, can't wait for summer vacation to happen for some more nights of this. (:

May ??, 1997

We had a gathering sometime after classes let out. It dissasembled pretty early since most folk were tired from the busy exam weekend, but we did get everyone over including a couple of fresh blood; Mike Hopkins and Randy Cornetta, whom only have played these type of net games on the Jaguar before (2-player Doom). Their comment on the whole ordeal was that it was very fast paced, with people you didn't know blowing you up very often, and lots of commotion, but they loved it. Their only gripe is that they need to become better at the controllers. We also discovered another bad cable which only allowed data flow one way and not the other, this of course took 45 minutes to derive.

Friday The 13, 1997

The Frag Your Friends Day was a most triumphant night indeed! Several peoples stopped by to get invoved in the mayhem as well as our regulars, Jason, Shroud, & Rogue, plus another computer brought by John Provosnick. Mike, Randy and Bill dropped by for some time. Most of the time was spent fragging on Shadow Warrior which quickly became the favourite of the night. Besides all the hilarious remarks in the game, the weapons you have are a lot of fun. Rogue chose to use the sword most of the time, it was very funny seeing him run around constantly swing the sword! But it does do incredible amounts of damage! Windsinger and Shroud usualy went for the Nuke weapon found on the 1st and 3rd stages (eventualy found on the fourth as well). The first level has this set up smart; you need to jump off of a car with an alarm that basicly tells everyone someone is trying to get the nuke. A fair warning. (: It's a very fun weapon to use, even if you do kill yourself most of the time when using it. (: The bouncing grenades ruled just as they did in Quake. We definitly can't wait for the full version of this game to come out, hopefuly by the next frag meet!

:Duke :Duke :Duke
Shroud and Useless Windsinger picking his nose Powerslave
>Duke 5 People
Shroud, Rogue Scholar and Powerslave
:Duke :Duke
Teufel and Rogue Scholar Teufel and Kasta

June 27, 1997

This gathering was one of the larger ones we've had in a while! Two new folk joined us, Kasta and Teufel with their own machines, along with John P., Rogue Scholar, Windsinger, Shroud and Useless. We had a friggin' huge 7-player FRAGDUKE deathmatch that was incredibly fun! Insanity and chaos at its best; heads and blood flying everywhere, a random RPG shot could take out 3 or 4 people, and the shrinker was impossible. At one time, Shroud and Teufel went head-to-head in a Warcraft 2 game. Shroud resigned becuase he didn't find a mine in time to build anything of a force. The others played some rounds of Shadow Warrior in the meantime, and some network problems were fixed. We had a lot of those; you cannot do an IPXODI network under Win95. Duke and Shadow Warrior get lots of SYNC errors. It's most likely all the interupts Win95 has going on in the background. A short trip to the web for a netcard setup program got Teufel and Kasta's cards working in DOS and everything was good. Windsinger's card also mysteriously stopped working before the event, but he stole Pure Evil's since he wasn't attending.

Basement #1 Basement #2
Many unidentified people playing Bomberman. (: Background:Kooky, Shroud Foreground: Pure Evil, Hellmaster
Basement #4
Two more people who's nicks I don't know playing Bomberman.

Thanksgiving 1997

After You Soot The Turkey, Shoot Your FRIENDS! The machines are slowly getting upraded. We had Hell Master with a Pentium 133, and Mr. X with another P133. Most of the time was spent on Shadow Warrior, now with all 8-players available, and it was great. We did have more network problems witn one machine which sucked, it would simply not talk to one other system. Also present were Pure Evil, Windsinger, Shroud, Rogue Scholar, and several others whom I've currently forgotten their nicks. (: A Sega Saturn with 8-player adapater was also present for some mad Bomberman games which was really insane. We also did some Grand Theft Auto which is a very silly game but great fun, mostly becuase you can hijack any vehicle in the game, including a train if your slick enough. (: