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Net Fest 1998

The fest meets kept getting bigger but less often. The addition of the Sega Saturn console introduced the game Bomerman into the fray with a 7 or 8 player hookup. Bomberman rounds are very cool with that many players involved. A couple strategy games started sneaking into the play lineup, such as Command And Conquer, War Craft 2 and eventualy Star Craft. Star Craft rounds quickly became notoriously long and very involved, which is why they usualy happened later on during the event (usualy starting around 3:00am).
The average machine also got better with the mean being a 200Mhz AMD or Pentium, Voodoo or Voodoo2 chipset graphics cards, and even a 10-Based T network connection. Win95 games became more interesting when Quake 2 and Unreal came out. These games are pleasently simple to get started as anyone can join a game in progress as they arrived, compared to several tries to get 8 people started in Duke Nukem. (:

Left to right: I Dunno, I Dunno,Windsinger
Left to right back: I Dunno, Shroud, I Dunno, Windsinger
Front center:I Dunno

Date Unknown!

This net fest was at Powerslave's parent's new house before they moved in. We did Quake 2 a lot at this one, which officialy starts the Quake 2 gaming for us I suppose. There was a big issue with trying to get a bunch of network cards to work for the longest time, some were extras Windsinger brought over, others were just troublesome.

:Duke97 :Duke
Teufel at his console.
Kasta at his.

Date Unknown!

This net fest was at Teufel and Kasta's place. I don't remeber what what on here specificly. I do know we did Unreal, which was pretty cool. It was an unstable game to network, but the weapons were very cool in it. The unstability of the networking in it though kept us from playing it more often at the fests.