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Net Fests 1999

1999 has brought us a few great gatherings so far, each one getting larger!

Group #2
Group #2
Left to Right: Pure Evil, Rogue Scholar, Irrelevant
Kelly & Kasta.
Hey, Whazza he doin' with that cat!?
Group #2
Group #2
Pure Evil
Dominating the ENTIRE couch!
The pentium pilferer
who switch people's
intel's with cyrixs.

New Years Eve, 1999
Bringin' in the 2000 with a net fest, yes yes! We had lotsa food of course, 2 cases of cider from Rigel & Xydexx, a cake from Windy and a strange sandwich from our hosts. Things were good. (: We have portions of this event videotaped. The Real Media version is downloadable below, and an MPEG1 version exists which is about 370 Megs (not downloadable, so go away).
We had a lot of people show up and many pictures too, so check them out. Unreal Tournament, Midtown Madness and some Tribes were again the main action of the night from what I remember. All was good. (: