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Net Fests 1999

1999 has brought us a few great gatherings so far, each one getting larger!

Net 1
Left to Right: Xydexx, Unknown, Masking Tape, Robot Hi-Fi
Net 3
Net 6
Left to Right: Roxikat, Mike, Shroud
Left to Right: White-Boi DeWonder-Bread,
Scarlette Scholar, Mike H.
Net 1
Left to Right: Rigel (in deep meditation), Mighty-Morphin Power-Slave, Alex, Xydexx
Net 5
Net 2
Left to Right: Roxikat, Rogue-Scholar, Rigel
Left to Right: Unknown, Rogue Scholar,
Kooky, Mike, Pure Evil, Werevue
Net 1
Left to Right: John, John, John, John, John & John
Net 8
Left to Right: Teufel, Rogue Scholar and Birthday-Boi
Net 7
The Dazed and Confuzed

August 7th, 1999
An immense net-fest at Teufel's place! Definitly the largest, with both total systems and people! There were 3 dual-celeron systems present and running, TNT-2 based accelerator cards were the common, and plenty of noisy speakers and overkill-tower cases. The evening started off with Microsoft's Midtown Madness, a racing game that ran very well over the network. It has some hilarious moments fer-sure. We had some Quake-3 matches running later (build 1.08), although it proved to be an unstable server no matter who was running it. Several more attempts were made at Quake 3 throughout the night, some successful and some not. It still sucks on the VooDoo2 card for some reason, just don't die. Ugh. Of course, there were some long, heated 8-player Tribes matches as well, which totally kicked ass! Tribes was played a lot throughout the night, this game still kicks serious ass. Some Starcraft games were played by a few folk as well, I dunno how they went though. Tueful most likely kicked at those as usual. (: Saturn Bomberman was, as usual, dominated by Mr. Blackey.
Some other highlights of the night was an ice-cream cake for the 27th Birthday of Kooky, which also served as a farewell token for Rogue Scholar (who was moving to Michigan next week). It melted pretty quickly in the heat of the place, but it was devoured before any waste occured. It was very hot in the building despite the central-air being on. The only fan that was available was hogged by Windy for his computer. He had overheating problems and needed it to keep the system running. We also achieved our second net-fest circuit-breaker test! Yay! Half the room went out including the Saturn during a Bomberman match, but nothing was damaged thank goodness. We had the bar-b-que running most of the night right burgers, snausages, hot-dogs, chicken, and whatever. Lots of soda, junk-food, and two pounds of gummy-bears courtesy of Savant. It was definitly a good time for all. (: