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Net Fests 2002
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Left to right: Fat Rat, SuaveDiggyDog, p0rnvoznik, Ivan Man
Left to right: Kasta, Maskingtape, Mark, Liam, Unknown
Mark schools Maskingtape on how to use a joystick.

Left to right: Duce Bigalo, TorgoShroud, SuaveDiggyDog,
pr0nmastervoznik, stinkyfeet
They're still waiting for the X-Box game to load.

Left to right: Fat Rat, Jiggly pr0n, Snowman, Mark
John gets smashed with Smashbrothers.

Left to right: Puff-Daddy, Snowman, Mark, Kasta, Unknown
Still pimpin' da puff.

Left to right: Liam, ShroudTorgo, Maskingtape
Someone's getting schooled. Must be the X-Box.

Left to right: p0rnvoznik, Snowman, Fat Rat
We three lamers, banned to the underground, Smashed on da' Brothers.
Left to right: Bed Head , TORGOSHROUDTORGO
Early Morning Lames.

Left to right: Fat Rat, Iceman, SHROUDTORGOSHROUD,
Japi, pr0nvoznik, Syzygy, SuaveDiggyDog

Left to right: Windsinger, Fat Rat, Iceman, SuaveDiggyDog
Left to right: Torgo-Ho!, Japi,
pr0nvoznik, Mr. Buzz, Head O. Hair
Hey, Yo, Watch-it there buddy, that's not
what we mean by B-King in this game!
Left to right: Outlook88, Windsinger, Fat Rat
Outlook flashed everyone during the game. Fat Rat rose
to the event. In more than one way. Argh.

Left to right: Shroud, Japi, pr0nvoznik, Mr. Buzz, Beer   Left to right: Windsinger, Fat Rat, Iceman, Torgo,
SuzveDiggyDog, Hope
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Champion: Torgo as Milon

Second Place:

B Point King: SuaveDiggyDog

Mad Bomber King: (technicaly everyone who ate the hot dogs)

Head Shots

Deadbeat concentrating in combat.

Endur_Dawn_Death slaughtering
someone probably.

Hey, Mario showed up to our netfest!
Oh wait, it's Mark...
Keith getting a head start on the pr0n. Outlook88 or now known as
"LookOut it's 88!!" after his flashing stunt.

Fat Rat still playing Smash Brothers. Sam the Yam with his custom chair. Snowman the Iceman cometh.
Torgo type person. Military Playboy.

Left to right: Deadbeat, Endur_Dawn_Death, Lookout88
Left to right: Deadbeat, Shroud, Endur_Dawn_Death,
Shroud learns from the masters how to frag.

  The big StarCraft Battle.
Click on image for larger version.

Mark cooking up green hot-dogs and spam.

Left to right: pr0nvoznik, SuaveDiggyDog
One is confused. The other, silly.

Backup coffee-table at work.

February 2nd, 2002

Quite a decent sized netfest. We had an old time stranger amongst us. John C. was on shore leave, just to hang out with a bunch of lamers and play games! Muahahahaha!

Smashbrothers is now a regular at the netfests, Fat Rat is severly addicted to the game. He purchased a GameCube just for it, and apparently does nothing else but practice at it. There was a large game of Starcraft, which Endure_Dawn_Death won with a clean victory. Our regular Saturn Bomberman match went very well without any flatulation sneak attacks, but we did have a streaking flasher obstruct the TV for a few moments before he was sniper-rifled, BFG'd and rail-gunned. Super Monkey Balls is another party winner, and can be played at very early or late hours of the day.

Mark was kind enough to cook up green hotdogs and spam, and of course, his special Italian hand-sausage job.