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Net Fests 2002
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Fat Rat still playing Smash Brothers.

Left to right: Fat Rat, SuperBoy, SuperBoy's Sidekick, pr0nvoznick

Left to right: Strider, pr0nvoznick
pr0nmaster p-nick getting his date drunk for later.

Hell Master at an angle Left to right: Fat Rat, pr0nvoznick Jr., pr0nmaster-in-training Japi being a couch lamer

March 17th, 2002

This was a smaller net-fest, but still fun. A lot of console action seems to be taking place now. There's a usual old-school NES friday-night session which always ends in Super Mario Brothers 3 between pr0nvoznick and Fat Rat. Basicly it comes down to who can dis the other one faster to the Boot.

Super Smash Brothers Melee still dominates the couch and Fat Rat, the penguin gets drunk and Hell Master has pr0n. Argh.

Kasta cooked the food this time on the grill, and a late night Macaroni and Cheese thing was cooked which took about 3 hours. Windsinger had birthday, Fat Rat made a cake with powdered suger on it which blew up all over the basement when he went to blow out the candles. This was cleaned up just before next month's netfest.