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Net Fests 2002
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Left to right: Fat Rat, Mark
Left to right: Fat Rat, Mark, Torgo, pr0nvoznik

Left to right: Hope, pr0nvoznik, Torgo

Left to right: Kasta, pr0nvoznik, Torgo, Hope

Left to right: Hope, pr0nvoznik, Torgo


Left to right: p0rnvoznik, Fat Rat
Lamers int he basement on the old-school NES playing
Super Mario Bros. 3

Left to right:  p0rnvoznik, Fat Rat
pr0nvoznik gets beat out of the boot once agian.
These two get bonus lameness points for playing McKids over an hour.

There was NO Saturn Bomberman thanks to the couch lamers playing Super Smash Brothers Melee.

Left to right: Sam the Yam, Deadbeat, Endure_Dawn_Death
Left to right: Sam the Yam, LookOut88, Endure_Dawn_Death

Left to right: Deadbeat, Endur_Dawn_Death

Left to right: Shroud, Egger

Left to right:  Endur_Dawn_Death, Sam the Yam,
Lookout88, Keith and Fat Rat

Left to right: Japi, Hope, Keith, pr0nvoznik
Left to right:  Shroud, Cue Ball's Friend Endur_Dawn_Death apparently getting beat.
You keep making that face and it'll stay
like that forever young man!

Left to right:  Torgo, Kasta, Powder, Sam the Yam
Torgo sold Kasta Endur_Dawn_Death's system while he wasn't looking.
Left to right:  Hope, pr0nvoznik
Double Dragon bouts in the basement.
D.O.F. attack.
Denial of Food
Japi looks awfuly strange while carrying
that plate of BBQ'd food.
Deadbeat forgets which Mustang is his and calls home for help.
"It's the black convertable, dork."
"Gee, thanks dad, your a big help!"

H U M I L I A T I O N !

Our reigning champ has been challeneged!
It looks pretty close, you decide!
Quick Martha, you get the rail gun and I'll charge up the B.F.G.

April 13th, 2002

Ahh, spring is here, time for indoor lameness. And the lamness is venturing forth onto the couch and depriving the LAN gaming it seems. Super Smash Brothers Meele is definitly making couch lamers out of everyone. We did actually have some good lan games of Bumper Wars and Starcraft however. Starcraft was dominated again by Endur_Dawn_Death. A lot of Quake 3 Excessive mod was played too, and a bit of Grand Theft Auto 2 as well.

At the end of the night, a very long 2 hour session of 4-plauer Super Monkey Balls Golf went on. Torgo won with Fat Rat in second.

The friday-night old-schooling sessions are getting interesting. McKids on the NES was played far too long by pr0nvoznick and Fat Rat, followed up by another Boot-Dis session of Super Mario Bros. 3. Another interesting old-school relic in the basement is a fully operational Turbo Graphics-16 CD player with supercard. We had to combine parts from pr0nvoznik, Fat Rat, Ivan and Windsinger to get a completed system, the power-supply being the more elusive part. These parts were gathered over the course of several netfests, and now with a working unit, we could finaly harvest some CD Rom games for it. Well, oh my. The extended stoage space on the CD drive isn't always a good thing, as we found with one game in particular, Cho Aniki. An end-game contuinue-countdown screen will always be ruined for us. Some of the other games we've encountered are not bad, but definitly very ODD.