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Puck you buddy!.


Now this is a


Left to Right:
Guy Smiley, Galewind

Left to Right:
Svarog, Morose Lucifer

Left to Right:
Fat Rat, Torgo, Sqooch, Svarog

Left to Right:
Zeus, MDGeist

Left to Right:
Sqooch, Lime-Green Goth, Guy Smiley
Left to Right:
Roxikat, Sheik-Ur-Bootie

Left to Right:
Lesh, Snapcase

Left to Right:
Zeus, MDGeist, Neologicmedia, Sam the Yam, Morose Lucifer, Unknown

Left, Front to Back: Unknown, MDGeist, Zeus, Deadbeat
Right, Front to Back: Morose Lucifer, Unknown, Neologicmedia, Sam the Yam

Left Side, Front-to-Back: Zeus, Deadbeat
Right Side, Back-To-Front: Sam the Yam, Neo-"I Don't Drop Medpacks"-logicmedia

Left: Deadbeat, Zeus
Right: Neologicmedia (Headphones), Sam the Yam (Leg), Morose Lucifer, Unknown

Left to Right: Torgo, Fat-Rat

Japi blows a jock-snot into an open computer case.
"Oh, wait, I'm supposed to fix this..."


Left to Right: Fat-Rat, Jessee, Mark, Japi, Keith

Left to Right:
Rose, Snapcase, Japi

Left to Right:
Fat-Rat, Svarog, Jessee, Unknown

Left to Right:
Unknown, Lime Green Goth, Morose Lucifer, Rose

Left to Right:
Fat-Rat, Jessee, Mark

Left to Right:
Chrono, Chuck, Japi

Left to Right:
Fat-Rat, Svarog, Jessee, Unknown

Left to Right:
Fat-Rat, Keith

Left to Right:
Chrono, Unknown, Fat-Rat, Svarog

Left to Right: Sqooch, Lime Green Goth, Galewind, Unknown,
Unknown (Blue Shirt), Unknown

 Tier 1 WINNER
Davey vs. John E
Doug vs. Deadbeat
Monk vs. Phoenix
Japi vs. Kasta
Geist vs. Hairy M.
Torgo vs. Colleen
Pr0n vs. Keith
Rose vs. Windsinger
 Tier 2  
Dave vs. Deadbeat
Monk vs. Kasta
Geist vs. Torgo
Pr0n vs. Rose
 Tier 3  
Dave vs. Kasta
Geist vs. Pr0n

Final Match  
Dave vs. Pr0n

Davey vs. John E

Monk vs. Phoenix

Japi vs. Kasta

Colleen vs. Torgo

Keith vs. Pr0n

Windsinger vs. Rose

Dave vs. Deadbeat

Monk vs. Kasta

Torgo vs. Geist

Rose vs. Pr0n

Geist vs. Pr0n
DAVE vs. pr0n
pr0n WINS!
(doesn't it always?)


This is Mad Monk's fault.

He likes to throw those things at you.

Left to Right:
Unknown, Morose Lucifer, Sqooch

Left to Right:
MDGeist, Mark

Left to Right: Unknown, Lime Green Goth, Snapcase, Lesh, Japi

Left to Right: Chuck, Windsinger / Blue Brat, Chrono,
Morose Lucifer

Left to Right: Svarog, Snapcase
One of them plays Counterstrike.
The other plays Tribes 2.
Can you guess which is which?

Left to Right:
Jesse the Ref, Svarog,
Sqooch, Morose Lucifer




I'm crushing your head!
Morose Lucifer



Fat Rat

Rise Of Humiliation

It's a centerfold of Keith!
With dirty socks and all!


1st place: Torgo as Frenchy
2nd place: Purple Bitch
B-Point King: Torgo as Frenchy
Mad Bomber King: Mike P. as Master Ugly

After-Thanksgiving dinner on friday evening.
Note the missing Lasagna.

Left to Right: Neologicmedia, The Deadbeat, Sam the Yam, Unknown

Left to Right: IrishQ, Torgo, Mother Hen
They're sad. Someone at all the pizza.

November 29th, 2003

A total of 28 gamers in the basement! Woo! What a good turnout we had. Having everyone in the basement together is great instead of being split up on two floors. The trash-talking never ends. But everyone liked being together for the gaming like this.

The reason for putting everyone in the basement was to leave the upstairs room open for the Air Hockey table that Jason recently bought. It rules. Everyone likes Air Hockey. Jesse came up with the Air Hockey tournament idea and executed it very well, good jorb! We'll be having more of these in the future. The walls around the air-hockey table may not last long. Torgo managed to turn off the dining-room lights with a skilled puck-shot. Nobody up stairs is safe from stray, flying pucks. Especially when they're Lesh-Seeking pucks. Oh yeah, the whiteboard we used for keeping the scores was provided by Keith. He just so happened to be carrying one around in his car trunk.

I decided to award one of the shirts as the Air Hockey tournament prize, which Svarog / pr0nvoznik won.

Unreal 2 XMP (Extended Multiplayer) is a great game, well worth breaking your keyboard over which Blue Brat managed to do. Coming back to your base after 10 minutes of skulking around to retrieve an artifact only to find a fully-manned Juggernaught parked in your driveway will do that. But the balancing & objectives work out very nice. The vehicles are great, and the jumping-jet packs seemed to agree with everyone.

Call of Duty is a great game. The retrieval missions did not go over well at all, they weren't liked very much. Team Deathmatch, however, was perfect. The sniping boards are great fun. We'll be seeing more of this game at our lan parties.

We actually have a favored RTS game! Rise of Nations seems to have won over the people. The usually tedious RTS management has been automated nicely in this game, which make sit more fun to play for the non-micromanagement folk.

We tried Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory again. It went better than last time, but still wasn't very even.

There were some great Quake 3 matches going on. We explored a bunch of the Orange Smoothy maps that haven't been played at this LAN.

And then of course we had our Bomberman tournament. Torgo 0wn3d, he was ahead for the whole thing and clinched it by round 13 of 16. Japi almost got B-point king, but MDGeist and Torgo both focused on kills instead of overall wins once they knew that Torgo had secured 1st place (i.e., MDGeist was killing himself off immediately so he could mad-bomber everyone). A special thanks to Lime Green Goth for drawing a great Bomberman picture for our prize!

Once again thanks for everyone who brought food and stuff to eat. And eat we did, there was some major bellyaching going on around 7:00AM the next morning. With the return of Mark for this netfest, we had our star chef cooking up the food on the grill.