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Net Fests 2003
Your virii are belong to us.

At this Net-Fest, every computer had problems.

Left to Right: sp00ch, Lime Green Goth, Morose Lucifer

Couch Lameness.
Left to Right: Kasta, Keith, Jessee, n00b

Left to Right: n00b, Zeus, Windsinger, Medic

Left to Right: Keith, Windsinger, Engineer, Snapcase, Lush

Left to Right: Keith, Doom Prophet

Do they ever move from there?
Left to Right: Kasta, Keith, Jessee, n00b, sp00ch, Lime Green Goth

Front: Morose Lucifer, Lime Green Goth, sp00ch
Back: Kasta, Bianca, Jessee

Front: Lesh, Snap Case
Back: Kasta, Bianca, Jessee

Left to Right: Doom Prophet, Keith

The n00b asks the master for help.
"What does the left mouse button do again?"
Left to Right:
n00b, Zeus

Left to Right: n00b, Black Bomberman, Lime Green Goth

Front: Monitor
Back: Morose Lucifer, Lime Green Goth's head, sp00ch's headphones & hair
Even further back: Nautica Boy, Kasta, Bianca, Jessee

Left to right in circular order: Japi, pr0nv0znick, pr0nv0znick, Black Bomberman, Doom Prophet, n00b

Jason waits patiently for some f00d.

He's really a Ducks fan.

Our official n00b!

Mr. Virus here shells out some compensation dough to make up for his "little friends" that made their way over the LAN.

Holy Crap, it's

The Princess

Left to Right: Black Bomberman (Winner!), Manjimaru, Master Ugly

Sleepy Time!

And Keith is 6'4"...

Left to Right: Squeetly Sqooch, Emo-n00b-Boy

Snapple-Case sleeps with joystick in hand, tongue hanging out, and, of all things, a plushy penguin! What a weirdo.

Windsinger just waking up with 2 hours of sleep!

Net-Fest Humiliation

Hands down, he wins this Net-Fest's Humuliation award.

Man Gets Lost In Own House

Everyone stands around waiting to play...

Left to Right: Jessee, Bianca, Vortex, Mike, Windsinger, pr0n, Snapcase, Irrelevant, Doom Prophet

October 11th, 2003

A very good lan party for gaming! We had a lot of excellent Death Matches going on, and we didn't tire of it! All sorts of games were played, but the pace was kept up and it was all good.

Unreal Tournament started a lot of the action on Friday. It was a lot of fun going back to this game. It still is a great game. On Saturday, we got everyone going with Unreal Tournament 2003, and it too was great. It took a bit to get the updates installed for everyone, but it was worth it, a lot of time was spent DM'ing in the various newer levels in the game. The Akira weapon rules.

We had a few rounds of Quake 3 Arena CTF using a railgun insta-gib mod from the Orange Smoothie mod. Surprisingly that went over very well and was indeed a lot of fun! There was also a good deal of Insta-Gib DM'ing too, of course.

Grand Theft Auto 3: Vice City with the Multi-Theft mod was a lot of fun, but unfortunately that game decided to be a serious bitch with installation for several people, so not everyone got involved in it. But it was good! What an excellent mod.

Halo for the PC was given a run as well, but unfortunately it's just too damn slow! And I don't mean performance, the game plays slow for an FPS. Compared to other FPS's on the PC, it's like super-slow bullet time. Walking around a DM map in that game is like trying to run in a dream, you don't! And god forbid you fire a rocket at someone. If you can't dodge those you just suck.

The round of Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory we had sucked.

The couch lameness is being fired recently by Burnout 2 for the Xbox. It's still a lot of fun to cause accidents, and get paid for it! An excellent crowd pleaser it is.

Saturn Bomberman finally got a return this netfest and was played on the projector! Woohoo! It was great. pr0nv0znick proved himself to be almost as good a game setup-guru as Waz. A few newbies were in on the action and got quickly involved with the phantom resets. It just proves how cool that "feature" really is. pr0nv0znick was the bomberman winner, with Jessee winning mad bomber.

Mike provided the skills this time to cook the BBQ burgers & hot-dogs since Mark was unable to make it. Good jorb too! We had a good stash of sodas and consumables brought by a lot of the attendees. We even had a good selection of baked cakes, pies & yummy stuff. Doom Prophet brought a case of beer, and Red Bull. Once again, these food contributions are very appreciated! Thanks guys!