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You are a bounty hunter, who may have found the job of his career. A planetary trading organization has sent out a distress signal to the federation asking for help. Trading ships have been ruthlessly destroyed by unknown enemies near an asteroid cluster. Their fighters have been no match for the danger, and it will take months before help arrives from the federation. The opportunity couldn't have been better! Or so you think...

Presented By Dungeon Dwellers Design
AXIA is a fast action, hi-resolution, arcade-quality video game for the PC line of computers running DOS, Windows 9x or BeOS. It contains:
  • 500 levels of gameplay!
  • High-Resolution 640x400 graphics
  • Intense 360 degrees of rotational insantiy!
  • A full digital soundtrack of over 60 songs!
  • Full cinematic storyline
  • Save game capability
  • Complete system controls to adjust gameplay for slower PC's
  • Support for most makes of soundcards

  • AXIA (C) 1998 Jason Pimble & Tony Proios
    AXIA, Program, Source Code, and Game Likeness are copyrite (C) 1998 Jason Pimble
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