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Net Fests 1999

1999 has brought us a few great gatherings so far, each one getting larger!

Group #2
It's M.C Spaghetti-O in the Dungeon of Duress!
Group #2
Group #2
Front to Back, Left: Irrelevant, Powerslave, M.C Crispy-Wheat Right: Shroud
Right to Left: Pure Evil, Wogewom, Shroud, I Dunno, Powerslave, M.C Boy-ArDee

March 19th, 1999
This small net fest occured sometime shortly after the last big one. A week after to be exact. (: We all had the itch to play Starsiege Tribes bery badly, it's just a cool ass game, very addictive as it gives you something to do other than just shoot people, but it's not *too* involved to bore everyone. The hardest thing for most people to get down was the jet-pack operating. Once you get used to its behaviour the game is very fun. We had 25 mintue time limits on the boards which was nothing, the time went by so quickly. Excellent game.