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Net Fests 1999

1999 has brought us a few great gatherings so far, each one getting larger!

Group #2
Group #2
Left to Right: Pure Evil, Rogue Scholar, Irrelevant
Irrelevant thought aside himself.

May 15th, 1999
This netfest fell a day after Pure Evil's birthday! We had a surprise chocolate/vanilla ice-cream cake waiting for him, which we celebrated at 12:00 midnight. (: This netfest was probably one of the more technicly-challanged ones. Rogue Scholar brought 2 systems, one working and one not. The non-working one eventualy did. The working one didn't. About 2am in the morning we had everything working, Shroud got the non-working one in gear. as well as a puzzle-piece system built from spare hardware from various people at the fest. It was...interesting. (: We played until 8:am Sunday morning, the main game was Starsiege: Tribes, but during all the hardware hanky-panky we tried out the new Quake 3 demo which was really cool but quite taxing on the systems. Apparently turning off the wall-damage sped the game up considerably among the game options. Windy got his ass kicked by someone in it but he still had fun. (: The net fest was in Windsinger's basement again.