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Balding Net Fests 2001

All your base are belong to us!

Bomberman makes me dizzy! This IS the dungeon, 12 computers minus the exersise console.
Left to right: Shroud, Endure_Dawn_Death, Unknown Left to right: Unknown, Hope
Someone's computer back there had problems.
Big problems.
We kept this guy in the cage. "When the hell is Scotty going to get his hair off of my computer?"
Hope Shroud Mad Monk Gilligan
Left to right: Fat Rat, Dobie Gillis, Mad Munk, Jessie, Windy, Snowman Left to right: Unknown, The Unibomber

Jason (Pure Evil) Turns 24!
The sneak-attack birthday surprise. Pure-Evil was totally unaware of the mob of people filing into the basement and the procession of party favors.

A simple equation that even Mad Munk can understand...
One cook at a grill plus a table full o'food yields
H U M I L I A T I O N !


(2 Humiliations - 2 Seconds)

(Mad Munk)
(Jessie the Blur)

May 12, 2001

This netfest had a lot going on all the time it seemed, and with a large amount of people! Organization of the house changed a bit; the top floor being reserved for sleeping space, so it was left as a quite zone. The middle floor and the now-networked basement were utilized, with the dungeon holding the majority of computers; 12 altogether. 8 more systems were found on the second floor, bringing 20 working computers in all! (This doesn't count server computers, burning stations, and other useless machines).

One highlight of the evening were of course Jason (Pure Evil's) birthday! 3 bright yellow ice-cream cakes carried the 24 barbie-sparkly candles, which he did manage to blow out. Two inflatable-chairs were there for him to unwrap, but his main gift was a portable Game Axe that plays NES cartridges that everyone contributed and bought for him. Although it was backordered and not available at the party, it did arrive a week later and works perfect!

Some other oddities around the event were the noticeable amount of Dreamcast units laying around in the bathroom, kitchen and dungeon. A Dreamcast unit playing music-videos throughout the day was found wrapped in acid-faced garb in the main-level bathroom, something to observe while doing business. The kitchen area also played videos of interest while people scarfed and ravaged the mass amounts of food. Dance Dance Revolution on Dreamcast played in the basement. The ritual-round of Bomberman occurred as well, with Mad Monk dominating not only the overall winning position, but several other sub-positions as well (lamer).

This net fest was the first to harbor the release of Tribes 2 (took you long enough Dynamix!). While the game boasts unrealistic machine specs, there were enough machines able to play it surprisingly. Once you play Tribes 2, going back to Tribes is almost unbearable without any mods to the game. If you can run it it's definitely worth it.

One concern however with the gaming this time was the uncoordination of games going on. I don't remember there being a massive match of any game. There was briefly a large Unreal Tournament game held, but it didn't last long. More effort in organizing what is being currently played is needed, as these games are always awesome when everyone present is involved. And if there are any other games that someone thinks should be given a try, don't be afraid to bring it up! With so much going on it's easy to forget about things. I know that there is an interest from many people for Starcraft rounds. These can definitely happen, along with some maddening Quake 3 rounds and super Unreal-Tournament matches. From my observation from past events, the day starts off with people warming up to Quake 3 and Unreal. Strategy games like Starcraft, Red Alert and Tribes are a great break from the fast-paced action of those game, as well as offering a chance for people who aren't 1st-person gods to do some domination. These games should be played later on. We'll try some kind of loose-structuring like this at the next gathering and see how it goes.

With all this action of course involves a bit of behind-the scenes effort. Some thanks and appreciation goes out to P-Funk for manning the barby and cooking up the sausages, burgers and hot dogs, Snowman for bringing switches, hubs, and major helping out with the server-network optimizations, Deadbeat for switches & hubs and food, Fat Rat for food, eating food and ice cream cake, Sam the Yam for extra pictures used on this page, and of course Jason for buying and baking lots of food and holding this event in his house. Also anyone who bought and did stuff that I don't know about. (: This kind of effort makes these things what they are, thank you all and hope to see you at the next one!