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Balding Net Fests 2001

All your base are belong to us!

Left to right: Dan Dan, Power Puf Boy, BoBo, Chris #2, Chris #1, Jimbo Japi, Curly Sue's Legs

Left to Right: Roxikat, Mad Monk, Japi, Windsinger, Shroud, Cabbit, Dan Dan, Mike Hopkins

Results from this Bomberman Tourny, the prized Penny Arcade T-Shirt going to Power-Puff Cabbit Gabe, or Gabbit for short.

Oh crap, he's taking his clothes off...again... Rosko-Masking Tape and Crazy Cooties
will take care of any problem for a bud.
Left to Right: Crazy Cooties, Hatfield Hopkins, Chuck-Chuck Left to Right: Hankerin Hank, Rosko-Maskingtape, Crazy Cooties, Hatfield Hopkins, Arm of some Hairy Guy, Curly Sue, Gabbit.
Joe-bob-Japi-Jimbo arrives on his bike. Sexy Muthafuck'n Chris #1. BoBo making the bomberman prize.
Chris #2 formatting his hard drive...again... Chris #2 listening to the cows come home.
Hankerin' Hank and Curly Sue.

Damn penguin.

Here we have Chris #2 and Gabbit doin' the two-step to Garth Brook's latest.
Now it's the hokey-pokey, turnin your mom around.

Chris #2 and Chris #1 are demonstrating the art of line-mosh trip-up to Celine Dion.
Yankee swing form.

August 18th, 2001

This here be the wife-beater netfest. Yeets all gathered 'round several flatbeds and pickups for an eve of hankerin', drinkin', good eats, drinkin' and shootin' just like the good 'ole boys do.
The bomberman tournament prize was a home made Penny Arcade Gabe shirt, claimed by Gabbit.