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Balding Net Fests 2001

All your base are belong to us!

It's Red-Eye the gangsta-pirate.

Left to right: Shroud, Fat Rat, Indy Left to right: Fat Rat, Indy, Red Eye, Kasta
Front: Little Red Raver
Left to right: Indy & Strider
Net-Fest Booby-Trap: This probably would have been a lot funnier if the stupid holding the camera took the picture right.
Keith at the keys. Strider
Sure, go ahead, try kicking his ass.
Mark Windsinger
Beware of people with silly grins.
Japi style'n A Sleepy Shroud.
When Fat-Rat lays around the sofa, he really lays around the sofa.

That's about all a MAC is good for.

If cheapskate Japi would lay off all those hours of high-priced phone-sex sessions, this wouldn't be an issue.


This explains everything, it's all their fault. Never trust a pirate or a penguin.
Especially a pirate AND a penguin.
And definitly not a smiling pirate groping a penguin.
Damn Penguins.

October 20th, 2001

The Halloween fragging! I'm not really sure what went on here with all the pirates and penguins crashing and vexing everyone's system. But we got in quite a lot of fragging anyhow. Lots of Unreal Tournament for sure, with an attempted linkup of a couple of outside gamers, Teufel and Mad Monk. Unfortunatly the ping rate sucked, so their piece of action was rather lame. We don't know if this is from the cable modem directly, the server setup, or just an excuse for sucking on their part, but we will be looking into it. we also tried Starcraft over the network to some degree of success, everntually the network lag took its toll however.

Sam Brendel brought his server which ws running Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 servers. Having the server always running makes it a lot easier to get the games going. Later at night there was a round or two of Tribes 2, but I don't think it was played much.

Shroud brought his Dance Dance Revolution 5th Remix for the PSX, and with Fat Rat's really cool pads, we had a lot of rounds of them, though no pictures to show for it since everyone ran away when someone tried to take a picture of the players. Lamers!

Windsinger unvieled a project of his at this one too: an Unreal Tournament port of Fragduke. And it went over very well, I think we played that one map the rest of the night. I waited until everyone was playing UT, including the two remote fraggers before I brought this sucker out. And it held up well thankfully. Look for it in the Maps section of our website!

Red-Eye the Pirate and Fat Rat had two midnight marathons of Super Mario Brothers 3 for the NES, both showing off their mad paltformer skillz and lameness at the inside tacticts to the game.
Speaking of console action, Japi now has a NES,GameAxe, Gameboy, SNES, Sega Genesis, Two Turbo Grpahic-16's, Atari 2600, 7800, Colecovision w/2600 Module, Playstation and a Dreamcast. All hooked up to a shitty, trash-picked, pirated TV set.

And for the closing, the food for the evening consisted of Spicy Sausage, and Homemade Meatballs for the main course. Really kick-ass meatballs actually. Lotsa Pathmark Blue soda thanks to Keith, Toxic Waste and many other fattening things. (: