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Left to right: Pure Evil, Fat Rat, Snowman, Red Plastic Cup, almost bald guy Left to right: Red Plastic Cup, Windsinger, player1, player2, Jody Hull, duh
Left to right: Snowman, Endur_Dawn_Death, Sam the Yam, Red Plastic Cup, Shroud Left to right: Empty plate, Empty Plate, Hot Dogs, Mild Sausage, a mess, Empty plate, Stuff, Brownies.
Center: Rolls, Ketchup, chips, lettuce
Left to right in Snowman's Posse: Angel-A, DJ Maskingtape, MC Snowman, Red Plastic Cup o'Change, Biz-Mark E Left to right: Snowman, Female Unit, Fat Rat, Angel
Left to right: Shroud, Red Plastic Cup, Rogue Scholar, Snowman, Maskingtape Left to right: Windy, Red Plastic Cup,Pure Evil, Snowman, Guiness, Red Plastic Cup, Shroud


Hellmaster Strider Guy Smiley
Hope Pure Evil with a deadly camera Sam the Yam
Kasta Huh? Jody Hull

Dance Dance Revolution Club Remix on Dreamcast!
Rogue Scholar Windsinger Rogue Scholar Shroud
White Hope Can't JumpShroud ShroudMaskingtape
Kasta Hope Jody HullShroud
Fat RatHis Tail



March 10th, 2001

Spring Break netfest! Jason opens up his basement complete with network connections, old-school gameing systems, exersise bike and lounging area. This leaves the upper rooms for peaceful crashing space. We had 16 computers playing games and many more people devouring food. Again thanks to everyone who donated food, esp. Mark for the hot and mild sausages.Windsinger got older and a birthday ice-cream cake with too many candles to blow out. Thanks everyone. =^.^=

Unreal Tournament GOTY was played extensivly in the beginning along with Quake 3. Some weerdo named Indur_Dawn_Death (Uh-huh-huhuhh) kicked all our asses with a two-fold lead in those games, so you all know where to mail the grenade. Starsiege Tribes happened the remainder of the night when things mellowed out with some heavy mods brought in by Rogue Scholar. These mods added many new things in the armour, weapon, transport and deployable areas, so it was fun to discover the new toys to play with. A great match was set-up near the end of the day (around 5:00am) when we split the teams up into the Johns vs. the Chris's.

At the console side, Windy brought his Dance Dance Revolution pads for the Dreamcast and it went over extremely well, it's a lot of fun to place this with others! Typing of the Dead, a keyboard-typing version of House of the Dead was pretty damn cool too. Of course Saturn Bomberman games happened, with Frenchy winning the grand match. Hellmaster brought his PS2. Ummm, yep. He brought it alright. Suuuuure did.

Bomberman makes me dizzy! This IS the dungeon, 12 computers minus the exersise console.
Left to right: Shroud, Endure_Dawn_Death, Unknown Left to right: Unknown, Hope
Someone's computer back there had problems.
Big problems.
We kept this guy in the cage. "When the hell is Scotty going to get his hair off of my computer?"
Hope Shroud Mad Monk Gilligan
Left to right: Fat Rat, Dobie Gillis, Mad Munk, Jessie, Windy, Snowman Left to right: Unknown, The Unibomber

Jason (Pure Evil) Turns 24!
The sneak-attack birthday surprise. Pure-Evil was totally unaware of the mob of people filing into the basement and the procession of party favors.

A simple equation that even Mad Munk can understand...
One cook at a grill plus a table full o'food yields
H U M I L I A T I O N !


(2 Humiliations - 2 Seconds)

(Mad Munk)
(Jessie the Blur)

May 12, 2001

This netfest had a lot going on all the time it seemed, and with a large amount of people! Organization of the house changed a bit; the top floor being reserved for sleeping space, so it was left as a quite zone. The middle floor and the now-networked basement were utilized, with the dungeon holding the majority of computers; 12 altogether. 8 more systems were found on the second floor, bringing 20 working computers in all! (This doesn't count server computers, burning stations, and other useless machines).

One highlight of the evening were of course Jason (Pure Evil's) birthday! 3 bright yellow ice-cream cakes carried the 24 barbie-sparkly candles, which he did manage to blow out. Two inflatable-chairs were there for him to unwrap, but his main gift was a portable Game Axe that plays NES cartridges that everyone contributed and bought for him. Although it was backordered and not available at the party, it did arrive a week later and works perfect!

Some other oddities around the event were the noticeable amount of Dreamcast units laying around in the bathroom, kitchen and dungeon. A Dreamcast unit playing music-videos throughout the day was found wrapped in acid-faced garb in the main-level bathroom, something to observe while doing business. The kitchen area also played videos of interest while people scarfed and ravaged the mass amounts of food. Dance Dance Revolution on Dreamcast played in the basement. The ritual-round of Bomberman occurred as well, with Mad Monk dominating not only the overall winning position, but several other sub-positions as well (lamer).

This net fest was the first to harbor the release of Tribes 2 (took you long enough Dynamix!). While the game boasts unrealistic machine specs, there were enough machines able to play it surprisingly. Once you play Tribes 2, going back to Tribes is almost unbearable without any mods to the game. If you can run it it's definitely worth it.

One concern however with the gaming this time was the uncoordination of games going on. I don't remember there being a massive match of any game. There was briefly a large Unreal Tournament game held, but it didn't last long. More effort in organizing what is being currently played is needed, as these games are always awesome when everyone present is involved. And if there are any other games that someone thinks should be given a try, don't be afraid to bring it up! With so much going on it's easy to forget about things. I know that there is an interest from many people for Starcraft rounds. These can definitely happen, along with some maddening Quake 3 rounds and super Unreal-Tournament matches. From my observation from past events, the day starts off with people warming up to Quake 3 and Unreal. Strategy games like Starcraft, Red Alert and Tribes are a great break from the fast-paced action of those game, as well as offering a chance for people who aren't 1st-person gods to do some domination. These games should be played later on. We'll try some kind of loose-structuring like this at the next gathering and see how it goes.

With all this action of course involves a bit of behind-the scenes effort. Some thanks and appreciation goes out to P-Funk for manning the barby and cooking up the sausages, burgers and hot dogs, Snowman for bringing switches, hubs, and major helping out with the server-network optimizations, Deadbeat for switches & hubs and food, Fat Rat for food, eating food and ice cream cake, Sam the Yam for extra pictures used on this page, and of course Jason for buying and baking lots of food and holding this event in his house. Also anyone who bought and did stuff that I don't know about. (: This kind of effort makes these things what they are, thank you all and hope to see you at the next one!

Left to right: Dan Dan, Power Puf Boy, BoBo, Chris #2, Chris #1, Jimbo Japi, Curly Sue's Legs

Left to Right: Roxikat, Mad Monk, Japi, Windsinger, Shroud, Cabbit, Dan Dan, Mike Hopkins

Results from this Bomberman Tourny, the prized Penny Arcade T-Shirt going to Power-Puff Cabbit Gabe, or Gabbit for short.

Oh crap, he's taking his clothes off...again... Rosko-Masking Tape and Crazy Cooties
will take care of any problem for a bud.
Left to Right: Crazy Cooties, Hatfield Hopkins, Chuck-Chuck Left to Right: Hankerin Hank, Rosko-Maskingtape, Crazy Cooties, Hatfield Hopkins, Arm of some Hairy Guy, Curly Sue, Gabbit.
Joe-bob-Japi-Jimbo arrives on his bike. Sexy Muthafuck'n Chris #1. BoBo making the bomberman prize.
Chris #2 formatting his hard drive...again... Chris #2 listening to the cows come home.
Hankerin' Hank and Curly Sue.

Damn penguin.

Here we have Chris #2 and Gabbit doin' the two-step to Garth Brook's latest.
Now it's the hokey-pokey, turnin your mom around.

Chris #2 and Chris #1 are demonstrating the art of line-mosh trip-up to Celine Dion.
Yankee swing form.

August 18th, 2001

This here be the wife-beater netfest. Yeets all gathered 'round several flatbeds and pickups for an eve of hankerin', drinkin', good eats, drinkin' and shootin' just like the good 'ole boys do.
The bomberman tournament prize was a home made Penny Arcade Gabe shirt, claimed by Gabbit.

It's Red-Eye the gangsta-pirate.

Left to right: Shroud, Fat Rat, Indy Left to right: Fat Rat, Indy, Red Eye, Kasta
Front: Little Red Raver
Left to right: Indy & Strider
Net-Fest Booby-Trap: This probably would have been a lot funnier if the stupid holding the camera took the picture right.
Keith at the keys. Strider
Sure, go ahead, try kicking his ass.
Mark Windsinger
Beware of people with silly grins.
Japi style'n A Sleepy Shroud.
When Fat-Rat lays around the sofa, he really lays around the sofa.

That's about all a MAC is good for.

If cheapskate Japi would lay off all those hours of high-priced phone-sex sessions, this wouldn't be an issue.


This explains everything, it's all their fault. Never trust a pirate or a penguin.
Especially a pirate AND a penguin.
And definitly not a smiling pirate groping a penguin.
Damn Penguins.

October 20th, 2001

The Halloween fragging! I'm not really sure what went on here with all the pirates and penguins crashing and vexing everyone's system. But we got in quite a lot of fragging anyhow. Lots of Unreal Tournament for sure, with an attempted linkup of a couple of outside gamers, Teufel and Mad Monk. Unfortunatly the ping rate sucked, so their piece of action was rather lame. We don't know if this is from the cable modem directly, the server setup, or just an excuse for sucking on their part, but we will be looking into it. we also tried Starcraft over the network to some degree of success, everntually the network lag took its toll however.

Sam Brendel brought his server which ws running Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 servers. Having the server always running makes it a lot easier to get the games going. Later at night there was a round or two of Tribes 2, but I don't think it was played much.

Shroud brought his Dance Dance Revolution 5th Remix for the PSX, and with Fat Rat's really cool pads, we had a lot of rounds of them, though no pictures to show for it since everyone ran away when someone tried to take a picture of the players. Lamers!

Windsinger unvieled a project of his at this one too: an Unreal Tournament port of Fragduke. And it went over very well, I think we played that one map the rest of the night. I waited until everyone was playing UT, including the two remote fraggers before I brought this sucker out. And it held up well thankfully. Look for it in the Maps section of our website!

Red-Eye the Pirate and Fat Rat had two midnight marathons of Super Mario Brothers 3 for the NES, both showing off their mad paltformer skillz and lameness at the inside tacticts to the game.
Speaking of console action, Japi now has a NES,GameAxe, Gameboy, SNES, Sega Genesis, Two Turbo Grpahic-16's, Atari 2600, 7800, Colecovision w/2600 Module, Playstation and a Dreamcast. All hooked up to a shitty, trash-picked, pirated TV set.

And for the closing, the food for the evening consisted of Spicy Sausage, and Homemade Meatballs for the main course. Really kick-ass meatballs actually. Lotsa Pathmark Blue soda thanks to Keith, Toxic Waste and many other fattening things. (:

Left to right: Maskingtape, Mark, Egger, H.G.Wells, Santa, Trashbag Left to right: Mark, P0RNVOZNIK, Galewind, SuaveDiggyDogg
Front: Mountain Dew Code Red
Notice they're holding GAMECUBE contollers.

Left to right: Extra Special Saturn, Backup Coffeetable (X-Box), Extra Special Playstation (slightly burried under XBOX games), PS2 (Burried under PS2, Xbox and Gamecube Games), Extremely Successful Gamecube, Dreamcast (under the Gamecube), N64 (good for only 3 games), Gameboy Advance, multi input switch (under the GBA).

All this was hooked up to the main TV station. It's the bait for serious couch camping.
Left to right: Suave Diggy Dog, jtp, Black Bomberman, Japi
Waiting for an X-Box game to load.
We are not amused.

Left to right: Windsinger, Mike, Galewind, Suave Diggy Dog, Fat Rat, pr0nvoznik, Keith Left to right: Fat Rat, jtp, Chris, Keith
Left to right: Player 1, The Mad Couch Bomber, Player 3, Player 4, Player 5, Player 6
pr0nvoznik - ChamPion
Second Place - Galewind
Suave Diggy Dog - B Point King

Chinese Gift Exchange!
  The booty.  
Keith gets a present!
Then he gets robbed.
Kero-chan, a kawaii Kerbos.
Keith gets 3 chrome balls, and gets robbed.
Free Ball Kinetic Art.
Keith's chocolate balls.
Someone steals Keith's balls.
Chocolate Balls.
Since Keith has trouble holding onto his balls, he gets a new sack to toss off with.
Bean bag tic-tac-toe set.
Torgo gets an Operation.
Then gets robbed...
Operation board game.
Chris gets even.
He gets a gun.
Nerf Blaster.
Pr0nvoznik gets another mouth to feed.
Robo-Chi, Furby Kitty.
Mark gets ghetto fish.
Neon-Aqualite Fake Fish aquarium.
It's curtains for japi.
Scroll you, buddy!
Dracula-X wall scroll.
  Sam gets a third arm.
Robo-Xtendor robotic arm.

Left to right: Japi, Suave Diggy Dogg, Keith, Strider, Egger's Nose Left to right: Guy in blue shirt, Fat Rat, Brother of Fat Rat, Guy in purple shirt, TorgoTorgoTorgo

Left to right: Blue shirt guy, Japi, Mark, Hoberman's Balll, Roxi, Chris, Someone, Blown out face Japi shows mark the benefit of having a third arm.
Left to right:
 Mark going to protect himself, John, Fat Rat, Japi, Keith, Arm

Why the hell do the simple things take this much effort and manpower?
If there was a 5 year old in the house, that toy would have been opened in seconds.
Left to right:
 Confused Monk, That guy, John, Fat Rat
The reason we use nicknames:
Left to right:
 Chris, John, John, Andy, Chris, Keith, Chris, Chris

Left to right: Irrelevnat Elephant, Hat Head, p0rnvoznik, Fat Rat, Guy with gun covering guy with third arm going for beer
These guys looks very suspicious.
Definitly not to be trusted.

Left to right: Mark, statue of jtp, Fat Rat, Onlookers

Torgo's cool gun.
We'll probably have a dozzen of these next year. (:
Of course we can't have net fest pictures without one of these.

Xmas and New Years Net Fests!
December 29th & 31st, 2001

(unnoficially 28th through the 1st)

The large end of the year gaming marathon! This year it started unofficialy on Friday, the 28th and continued into the New Year on the 1st!

The new season brought with it a couple of new gaming systems. We had them all! Muahahahaaa! Nintendo's GameCube deifnitly proved to be the outstanding system with it's mutliplayer games. We had a lot of fun playing Smash Brothers Melee of course, as well as Super Monkey Balls. Even Pickman was was very cool to watch and play. It jsut proves that Nintendo knows what it takes to make any kind of game great. The joysticks do take a bit to get used to however, the buttons aren't as unituitive as on a Playstation joystick for example. Next was of course the X-box, aka: the Coffee Table. Even the freakin' joysticks were rediculously huge. Although Dead or Alive 3 looked pretty nice on it, there wasn't much elseon that proved interesting really. The PS2 and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 was awesome. Roxikat played Concor's Bad Fur Day on the N64 for 8+ hours overnight, getting very far into the game. That game is amazing. Amazing that they finally released it. (:

Our Bomberman Tournament prize selection was fruitful this time. We had pr0n, tentacle pr0n, a trophy and pr0n. More appropriatly, the tournament should be named the Bomber-ASS Tournament, since some mad couch bomber relentlessly stunk up the gaming area all night long. We think it was Mike, but other people audibly displayed their efforts into the air. The worse part of it is, there was a follow up attack the second night during another round of Apples to Apples, which by the way is a very fun card game. Unfortunatly we had to suffer through rounds of both anonymous and obvious flatulent attacks by EVERYONE involved. But the worst was yet to happen. At the very end of the game, Torgo and his Colon of Caustic Death emptied the play area and lower levels of the house for several minutes with a mighty odor that would make the Bog of Eternal Stench seem like a rose garden. Let's hear it for Torgo. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

On a lighter, fresher note, we had for the first time a Chinese Gift Exchange this year. It was awesome. Simply, everyone brought one gift, and it was placed in a pool. Names were drawn from a vessel and the winner got to choose and unwrap a gift. Then another person was chosen with the ability to take a new, unopened gift, or viciously theft a gift from someone else. A gift could only be thefted three times though. Keith was the most robbed victim. But it was fun, and the gifts were great.

On with the LAN gaming. We did a lot of Unreal Tournament. Fat Rat played for two nights an entire game of UT Crane, with the goal being 999 kills.The game ran overnight while he wasn't attending it, but eventually he came back to win it. There were several massive UT Crane matches during the night. We also had our first successful linkup of Starcraft! Teufel joined in via the internet and a few long rounds of that went on. Late night, there was of course, Tribes action. Just Tribes 1 though. On friday we drew up teams and had some great battles, they were very well matched. Saturday was taking it's toll a bit on Windy and he eventualy left and stormed out because he couldn't take falling down a fucking damn mountainside anymore. (: But it was still a lot of fun. I think. (:

Japi's Get Jason a New Basement TV fund is slowly growing. He's got enough to buy a small potted plant now.

Food for the weekend was abundant. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, Mark's Mild and Spicy meat, endless flowing soda and so on.

Officialy we brought in the New Year watching the Vancouver / Flyers Game with intermissions of Tentacle Pr0n.