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Net Fests 2002
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Left to right: Fat Rat, SuaveDiggyDog, p0rnvoznik, Ivan Man
Left to right: Kasta, Maskingtape, Mark, Liam, Unknown
Mark schools Maskingtape on how to use a joystick.

Left to right: Duce Bigalo, TorgoShroud, SuaveDiggyDog,
pr0nmastervoznik, stinkyfeet
They're still waiting for the X-Box game to load.

Left to right: Fat Rat, Jiggly pr0n, Snowman, Mark
John gets smashed with Smashbrothers.

Left to right: Puff-Daddy, Snowman, Mark, Kasta, Unknown
Still pimpin' da puff.

Left to right: Liam, ShroudTorgo, Maskingtape
Someone's getting schooled. Must be the X-Box.

Left to right: p0rnvoznik, Snowman, Fat Rat
We three lamers, banned to the underground, Smashed on da' Brothers.
Left to right: Bed Head , TORGOSHROUDTORGO
Early Morning Lames.

Left to right: Fat Rat, Iceman, SHROUDTORGOSHROUD,
Japi, pr0nvoznik, Syzygy, SuaveDiggyDog

Left to right: Windsinger, Fat Rat, Iceman, SuaveDiggyDog
Left to right: Torgo-Ho!, Japi,
pr0nvoznik, Mr. Buzz, Head O. Hair
Hey, Yo, Watch-it there buddy, that's not
what we mean by B-King in this game!
Left to right: Outlook88, Windsinger, Fat Rat
Outlook flashed everyone during the game. Fat Rat rose
to the event. In more than one way. Argh.

Left to right: Shroud, Japi, pr0nvoznik, Mr. Buzz, Beer   Left to right: Windsinger, Fat Rat, Iceman, Torgo,
SuzveDiggyDog, Hope
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for a larger version.
Champion: Torgo as Milon

Second Place:

B Point King: SuaveDiggyDog

Mad Bomber King: (technicaly everyone who ate the hot dogs)

Head Shots

Deadbeat concentrating in combat.

Endur_Dawn_Death slaughtering
someone probably.

Hey, Mario showed up to our netfest!
Oh wait, it's Mark...
Keith getting a head start on the pr0n. Outlook88 or now known as
"LookOut it's 88!!" after his flashing stunt.

Fat Rat still playing Smash Brothers. Sam the Yam with his custom chair. Snowman the Iceman cometh.
Torgo type person. Military Playboy.

Left to right: Deadbeat, Endur_Dawn_Death, Lookout88
Left to right: Deadbeat, Shroud, Endur_Dawn_Death,
Shroud learns from the masters how to frag.

  The big StarCraft Battle.
Click on image for larger version.

Mark cooking up green hot-dogs and spam.

Left to right: pr0nvoznik, SuaveDiggyDog
One is confused. The other, silly.

Backup coffee-table at work.

February 2nd, 2002

Quite a decent sized netfest. We had an old time stranger amongst us. John C. was on shore leave, just to hang out with a bunch of lamers and play games! Muahahahaha!

Smashbrothers is now a regular at the netfests, Fat Rat is severly addicted to the game. He purchased a GameCube just for it, and apparently does nothing else but practice at it. There was a large game of Starcraft, which Endure_Dawn_Death won with a clean victory. Our regular Saturn Bomberman match went very well without any flatulation sneak attacks, but we did have a streaking flasher obstruct the TV for a few moments before he was sniper-rifled, BFG'd and rail-gunned. Super Monkey Balls is another party winner, and can be played at very early or late hours of the day.

Mark was kind enough to cook up green hotdogs and spam, and of course, his special Italian hand-sausage job.

Fat Rat still playing Smash Brothers.

Left to right: Fat Rat, SuperBoy, SuperBoy's Sidekick, pr0nvoznick

Left to right: Strider, pr0nvoznick
pr0nmaster p-nick getting his date drunk for later.

Hell Master at an angle Left to right: Fat Rat, pr0nvoznick Jr., pr0nmaster-in-training Japi being a couch lamer

March 17th, 2002

This was a smaller net-fest, but still fun. A lot of console action seems to be taking place now. There's a usual old-school NES friday-night session which always ends in Super Mario Brothers 3 between pr0nvoznick and Fat Rat. Basicly it comes down to who can dis the other one faster to the Boot.

Super Smash Brothers Melee still dominates the couch and Fat Rat, the penguin gets drunk and Hell Master has pr0n. Argh.

Kasta cooked the food this time on the grill, and a late night Macaroni and Cheese thing was cooked which took about 3 hours. Windsinger had birthday, Fat Rat made a cake with powdered suger on it which blew up all over the basement when he went to blow out the candles. This was cleaned up just before next month's netfest.


Left to right: Fat Rat, Mark
Left to right: Fat Rat, Mark, Torgo, pr0nvoznik

Left to right: Hope, pr0nvoznik, Torgo

Left to right: Kasta, pr0nvoznik, Torgo, Hope

Left to right: Hope, pr0nvoznik, Torgo


Left to right: p0rnvoznik, Fat Rat
Lamers int he basement on the old-school NES playing
Super Mario Bros. 3

Left to right:  p0rnvoznik, Fat Rat
pr0nvoznik gets beat out of the boot once agian.
These two get bonus lameness points for playing McKids over an hour.

There was NO Saturn Bomberman thanks to the couch lamers playing Super Smash Brothers Melee.

Left to right: Sam the Yam, Deadbeat, Endure_Dawn_Death
Left to right: Sam the Yam, LookOut88, Endure_Dawn_Death

Left to right: Deadbeat, Endur_Dawn_Death

Left to right: Shroud, Egger

Left to right:  Endur_Dawn_Death, Sam the Yam,
Lookout88, Keith and Fat Rat

Left to right: Japi, Hope, Keith, pr0nvoznik
Left to right:  Shroud, Cue Ball's Friend Endur_Dawn_Death apparently getting beat.
You keep making that face and it'll stay
like that forever young man!

Left to right:  Torgo, Kasta, Powder, Sam the Yam
Torgo sold Kasta Endur_Dawn_Death's system while he wasn't looking.
Left to right:  Hope, pr0nvoznik
Double Dragon bouts in the basement.
D.O.F. attack.
Denial of Food
Japi looks awfuly strange while carrying
that plate of BBQ'd food.
Deadbeat forgets which Mustang is his and calls home for help.
"It's the black convertable, dork."
"Gee, thanks dad, your a big help!"

H U M I L I A T I O N !

Our reigning champ has been challeneged!
It looks pretty close, you decide!
Quick Martha, you get the rail gun and I'll charge up the B.F.G.

April 13th, 2002

Ahh, spring is here, time for indoor lameness. And the lamness is venturing forth onto the couch and depriving the LAN gaming it seems. Super Smash Brothers Meele is definitly making couch lamers out of everyone. We did actually have some good lan games of Bumper Wars and Starcraft however. Starcraft was dominated again by Endur_Dawn_Death. A lot of Quake 3 Excessive mod was played too, and a bit of Grand Theft Auto 2 as well.

At the end of the night, a very long 2 hour session of 4-plauer Super Monkey Balls Golf went on. Torgo won with Fat Rat in second.

The friday-night old-schooling sessions are getting interesting. McKids on the NES was played far too long by pr0nvoznick and Fat Rat, followed up by another Boot-Dis session of Super Mario Bros. 3. Another interesting old-school relic in the basement is a fully operational Turbo Graphics-16 CD player with supercard. We had to combine parts from pr0nvoznik, Fat Rat, Ivan and Windsinger to get a completed system, the power-supply being the more elusive part. These parts were gathered over the course of several netfests, and now with a working unit, we could finaly harvest some CD Rom games for it. Well, oh my. The extended stoage space on the CD drive isn't always a good thing, as we found with one game in particular, Cho Aniki. An end-game contuinue-countdown screen will always be ruined for us. Some of the other games we've encountered are not bad, but definitly very ODD.


Left to right: Keith, Fat Rat, Masking Tape, Jason
Windsinger, Kasta
Our own Star Wars II: Clone Wars screening.
Go home and rethink your life.

pr0nvoznik fighting for Team pr0n

Left to right: Torgo's Woman, Windsinger,
SuaveDiggyDog, pr0nvoznik
Team pr0n in action.

Left to right: Torgo, Blue Mike, Snapcase,
pr0nvoznik, SuaveDiggyDog

Left to right: Torgo, Blue Mike, Snapcase, SuaveDiggyDog,
pr0nvoznik, Mike H., Micro Dude, Japi

Left to right:  Torgo, pr0nvoznik, Micro Dude,
Blue Mike, SuaveDiggyDog, Snapcase, Mike H.

Left to right: Fat Rat, Maskingtape, Keith,
Mark, Torgo
Zelda NES Action really draws the lamers.

Left to right:  Keith, Mark
Serious couch lamers.
Left to right: Japi, Fat Rat, SuaveDiggyDog
Left to right:  pr0nvoznick, Galewind, SuaveDiggyDog, Snapcase

Maskingtape at the peep-show. It's one of those rare things.
The ill-fated Virtual-Boy.
This unit cost someone their job.
Kasta gets an eyefull.

Japi in black. pr0nvoznick's back in black after a crap.
Hopefuly not in that cup.

Snapcase. Mark's back 'n blanky.
Kieth's Back. Waz.

Left to right: Fat Rat, Mark, Superd00d, SuaveDiggyDog,
pr0nvoznik, Galewind, Kieth
Let the game begin!

45 minutes and 32 anonymous resets
(+1 by Torgo) later...
Let the game begin!
Click on the screenshots
for a larger version.
Champion: pr0nvoznik

Second Place: Windsinger

B Point King: SuaveDiggyDog

Mad Bomber King: SuaveDiggyDog
  Windy would complain that he was robbed here
and not tied, but since we were playing
for Skullduggery...

pr0nvoznik gets stuck with the 1st place prize:
Waz 0wnz j00. SuaveDiggyDog already owns Skullduggery.

Japi turns 25
Oooooohhhhhh... Jiggly...

Left to right:  pr0nvoznik, Japi Japi dives in.

May 11th, 2002

Quake 3 Tearm Arena was incredible. Easily the best lan-gaming we've had in a long time. This was verified by Windsinger and SuaveDiggyDog regularly throwing eye-glasses, smashing cartons, and kicking CPU cases. Lets not mentino all the yelling and screaming. But it's a sign of a good time, believe it or not. These matches went well into the night, and were joined by one of Team Tao's members, Snapcase.

Mike Hopkins stopped by with his cooler o' soder, and a nephew (who wasn't in the cooler). Torgo has his woman breifly visit to leech all the pr0n off of the server, then aptly left. Snapcase's girl became an honorary couch lamer in the basement and played a lot of NES Tetris, eventually falling asleep to all of the screaming and yelling of the Quake 3 match.

Food was another BBQ! (: Very nicely done up with Marks meat once again, burgers and sausage. The grill was up again at 1:30 AM by Superd00d for another tasty round.

On the console front, we had an Oldschool NES Zelda 1 marathon and the game was beat through once. More long and heated Super Smash Brothers Melee on the 'Cube on the main couch. About 4:30 AM we had what is becoming a regular match of Super Monkey Balls. It started off with some Monkey Bowling, won by Fat Rat, WIndsinger in Second, pr0nvoznik in third and SuaveDiggyDog in last. Then the 2 hour Monkey Golf was held, with Fat Rat once again coming out on top, followed by Windsinger, SuaveDiggyDog, and pr0nvoznik.

Front to Back: Mr. Nose, Iceman, Fat Rat (hidden), pr0n, Windsinger
Joystick wear is apparent with Rat's controllers.
Or he just gave us all bad controllers so he can win.

Left to Right: Fat-Rat, Mark, Icecube, Maskingtape, Kasta, Japi
Floor: Feets-Pr0nvoznick, fetish of the sole

Looks like a good idea.


Iceman is trumphant admist the confusion.
Even with his own teammate apparently.

Fat Rat goes for a walk.

 Fat and Skinny

 Laurel and Hardy

  It's dead, Jim!  

Someone went for the bonus points. While some others just went.

Click on the screenshots
for a larger version.
Champion: Torgo

Second Place: pr0nvoznik

B Point King: pr0nvoznik, Torgo

Mad Bomber King: Torgo, pr0nvoznik, Fat-Rat


Torgo Gets Old

Torgo's Spatula and ice-cream cake.

Torgo. Torgo.

June 15th, 2002

Hey another netfest! A slightly smaller one but fun nontheless. Not much in the way of Lan Gaming, the only action we saw of that primarily were some heated Quake 3 death matches between Iceman and Windsinger.

We did have some outdoor action going on with a Badmitten set that Fat-Rat brought along. It was quite fun! At one point, Pr0n rushed the net and broke it. I don't think he scored either on that. (:

Torgo turned older at this netfest, and was given the regular treatment of an ice-cream cake and a spatula spanking.