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Net Fests 2003
we teh 0wnzor ur pr0n

Hawx, imported
from England.

Japi crashing the server.

"Hello Sailor"


Not a chicky.

Fat-Rat stealing
Ketih's pr0n.


Yam the Sam I am.


Strider recently joined a german
industrial group, Ich bin Kahl.


Mad Monk, ay.

Pr0nvoznick fixing his computer.

Snapcase and Lesh

Windy & fishing beer. Keith & Generic Brand BEER. Torgo hits the
hard stuff.

Almost panoramic
Left to Right
: Pr0nvoznick, Japi, Snapcase, Maskingtape, Hawx, unkown, Kasta, Keith, Mad Monk, Fat Rat

Marc gets Keith's attention.
Must be pr0n.

Pr0nvoznick holds up the gaming
to fix his computer again.

Left to Right:
unknown, Marc, Maskingtape, Black Bomber

Left to Right:
unknown, Sam, Maskingtape, Black Bomber

Left to Right:
Kasta, Torgo, Cathy, not Black Bomber

Hawx doesn't know what to do with
himself after someone stole the consoles!

Q: How many programmers does it take to set up a net?
A: You don't want to know...

Q: How many programmers does it take to set up a game of bowling?
A: You don't want to know...

Set 1

Clikku for Source photo
39 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 HDP
  X_ 17 81 6/ 7- 2/ 9- 7- 7- 72  
PO 18 26 35 52 59 78 87 94 101 110 110
  5/ 7/ -6 7- 3/ 9- 17 -8 16 72_  
MP 17 27 38 40 59 68 76 84 91 100 100
  1- 62 9- 8- 33 X_ 15 X_ 61 --_  
KB 1 9 18 26 32 48 54 71 78 78 78
  -4 6- -5 1? 5- 3- 71 54 -3 -9_  
SE 4 10 15 30 35 38 46 55 58 67 67
  72 5/ -8 X_ 7- 9- 9- 53 X_ 62_  
FR 9 19 27 44 51 60 69 77 95 103 103
                  458 458  
40 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 HDP
  6- 6- X_ 6/ 8- X_ 7/ 15 3- 17_
CG 6 12 32 50 58 78 89 95 98 106 106
  X_ X_ 7/ X_ 6/ 6/ 8- X_ -/ X_  
WZ 27 47 67 87 103 121 129 149 169 188 188
  6- 4- 6- 63 8- X_ 44 3/ 72 X4-
C 6 10 16 25 33 51 59 76 85 103 103
  -7 7- 44 -1 -- X_ 5/ 52 -- 9-_  
JP 7 14 22 23 23 43 58 65 65 74 74
  -1 71 X_ X_ 1- 52 9- 9- 9- XX8  
JJ 1 9 30 41 42 49 58 67 76 104 104
                  575 575  

Set 2
Clikku for Source photo
39 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 HDP
  -8 5/ 1/ 7/ 9/ 9/ 9/ 9/ X_ 7/9
PO 8 19 36 55 74 93 112 132 152 171 171
  -/ 9- 7/ 8- 71 9/ 91 7- -/ X--  
MP 19 28 46 54 62 81 90 97 117 137 137
  -5 34 7/ X_ 6- 7/ X_ 9- 53 5-_  
KB 5 14 34 50 56 76 95 104 112 117 117
  -8 7/ 53 9- 3- 6- X_ 71 7- 7-_  
SE 8 23 31 40 43 49 67 75 82 89 89
  -9 X_ 71 X_ 9- 4- 7- 53 5- -9_  
FR 9 27 35 54 63 67 74 82 87 96 96
                  610 610  
40 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 HDP
  81 1- 3/ 8/ 32 17 45 81 9- 3-_  
CG 9 10 28 41 46 54 63 72 81 84 84
  3- 8- 25 -6 44 81 X- 3/ 7/ 81-  
WZ 3 11 18 24 32 41 61 78 96 105 105
  9- 61 1- 17 -4 X_ 5/ 1/ 2/ 7-_  
C 8 15 16 24 28 48 59 71 87 94 94
  6- 7- -9 4- 9- 7- -1 -1 15 -8_  
JP 6 13 22 26 35 42 43 44 50 58 58
  7/ 6/ 54 22 6/ 5- X_ 7/ 7- 9-_  
JJ 16 31 40 44 59 64 84 101 109 118 118
                  459 459  

Set 3
Clikku for Source photo
39 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 HDP
  X_ 9- 3- -/ -7 7/ X_ 52 16 *** ***
PO 19 28 31 41 48 68 85 92 99   99
  X_ 8- 8/ 9- 3/ X_ -/ -9 ** ***  
MP 18 26 45 54 74 94 104 113     113
  8- -9 2/ 7- 9/ 53 X_ 8- ** ***  
KB 8 17 34 41 56 64 82 90     90
  -/ 7- -- 8- 11 53 8- 61 ** ***  
SE 17 24 24 32 34 42 50 57     57
  X_ 8/ 9/ 72 9- 8- 6- 6- ** ***  
FR 20 39 56 65 74 82 88 94     94
                  453 453  
40 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 HDP
  81 9- 31 3/ 8- 6- X_ 8- ** ***  
CG 9 18 22 40 48 54 72 80     80
  6/ 8- 3- 7- 44 9- 9- X_ ** ***  
WZ 18 26 29 36 44 53 62       62
  6/ -1 7/ 34 54 7- 1- 34 ** ***  
C 10 11 24 31 40 47 48 55     55
  6- 8- 43 7- 34 21 -- ** ** ***  
JP 6 14 21 30 37 40 40       40
  X_ 72 63 7- 63 71 -8 ** ** ***  
JJ 19 28 37 44 53 61 69       69
                  318 318  

Oh dear.

Oh crap, he's going to crash that one too!

Looks like he dropped it on him.

"Your only allowed to bowl TWO
times in your turn, Torgo!"

Wow, that last one must have been really embarrassing.

And Now, More Pictures of...
John Fixing His Computer





May 3rd, 2003

Friday kicked off this netfest early with some non-poisonous food made by Japi. Around midnight, everyone went out for some Monkey Bowling. After some time of explaining to Torgo that he is supposed to throw the ball down the lane and not himself, things got to a fun start. Jo earns the Mad Bowler award for knocking a rogue pin into the lane at least 3 times.

Saturday's games started off with Badmitten. All that exercise sure got everyone hungry early on for the bar-be-cue. Maskingtape brought his magical XBOX with several surprises. A load of emulation software proved that the XBOX has a real use for being after all. Not to mention, the installation of Linux, which further proves its existance is not a bane. Burn Out was a pleasant surprise on the XBOX. What more fun can a group of fraggers more enjoy than causing havok, mayhem and disaster on the open roads while scoring points in objective-driven traffic accidents. Definitly a fun game.

The lan-gaming was interesting. We had some Quake 3 CTF matches which were fun as always. Two new games we tried were Soldier of Fortune 2 and Battlefield 1942. SoF2 was a great deathmatch game, it has a fine balance of realism and gameplay that doesn't distract from one another. The maps were also excellent. Team capture-the-flag, however, sucked, after we discoverd that a cap can be made without your home flag being present at its base. The game has a lot of options which at an up and comming netfest, we hope to exploit and configure for a more even gameplay. Battlefield 1942 was great team fun. Teams were humans vs. bots, which proved quite challenging on the map Battle of the Bulge. Part of it being a new gaming experience, and part being a challening bot assignment, we had fun playing this game for the first time in our LAN setting. The challenge was welcome and exhilirating, and defintily will be played next time.

Thanks to everyone who brought the extra sodas, Mark for cooking and the awesome brownie things that lasted a whole 5 minutes, and everyone else for their contributions that usually go un-noticed.

What is this Net-Fest comming to!?!?
At this Net-Fest, no computers
had to be repaired.
There were no pictures
of Waz giving the
at this Net-Fest.

The Allies Upstairs

Axis in the Basement

Left to Right: Mark, Deadbeat,

Front to Back: Mad Monk, pr0nv0znick, Japi

Yes, it's a slightly different photo!
Left to Right:
Mark, Deadbeat,

Looks like he dropped it on him.
Front to Back: Keith, Snowman, Japi

Left to Right: Steef-Junglist, MIA Guy

Left to Right: Keith, Windsinger, Mad Monk, Torgo's Uncle, Squeetly Sqooch

Left to Right: Mark,

Left to Right: Snowman, Lime Green Goth

Zeus explains how to die quickly in Counterstrike.
Left to Right:
Unknown, Unknown, Zeus

Deadbeat prepares to smash a keyboard.
Left to Right:
Coke Bottle, Keith, Morose Lucifer, Lime Green Goth, Deadbeat

Allied R&R on the Couch o' Lameness.
Left to Right: Keith, Torgo!, Kasta, Jesse, Silverfox

Axis relax on MAME.
Left to Right: Irrelevant, Sn0wman

L0rd Deadbeat

Those two are just too damn happy with their joysticks in hand...
Left to Right: Keith, Jesse

Nothing like hanging around the 'ole water heater,
swapping case-modding stories and over-clocking
horror stories.
Left to Right: Snowman, Japi, Torgo, Windsinger, Deadbeat

Left to Right: Unkown Soldier #3, Unkown Soldier #4

Maskingtape reminices with Windsinger on
previous Netfests he's been to.

Keith looking very interested at something...

Shroud looks confused as usual.
Left to Right: Lime Green Goth, Shroud

Left to Right: Katie, Zeus, Someone

Squeetly Sqooch

Front: Snapcase, Lesh
Back: Torgo's Uncle, pr0nvoznick

Left to Right: Epee, Mandroid

There's just something not right in this picture...
Left to Right: Torgo's Uncle, Deadbeat, Keith's Head, Japi

Snowman was our resource hog this Net Fest.

Kasta chows down in the Axis Bunker infront of the Classic Console Table.

Snapcase looks... Snappy.

Someone's coming out of the closet behind Mark's Back...
Mark plays Diablo II.
Keith relaxes after a busy day of pr0nning.

And now we're back with some
Stupidité d'Appareil-Photo

Asphyxophile and Monk Back-to-Back

Jessey and Monk's Back.


Hey everyone, pr0n's Back!
Windsinger's Butt.
I said BACK shots damnit!
Somebody's cover her Back!

Shroud and his uncle are Backing the Attack.

Fragger's Back.

Not Mark's Meat.


Not shown: 2 cases of BAWZ

Mark cooked us Carbonara on friday.

The evidence.


Torgo made a rib run on Saturday.
It was well appreciated by all.

Mark apparently had too much of the bullshit.

So what's worse, the humiliation shot or the fact that he's wearing an Intel shirt?

Someone throw that man a blanky.

Sleeping like a teddy-bear.
Cuddling him might be a bad idea however.

 I See Dead People... I'm Crushing Your Head...

That's Windsinger.

He must work for a Japanese company.

The simple push of a button...

Could take out an entire Allied team.

THIS was all anyone could think to play on the projector...
Talk about overkill.

Well, at least he won.

August 16th, 2003

A few firsts happened at this Net-Fest!

  • 28 working computers were in the house playing games, the most we've ever had!
  • Nobody had serious down-time fixing their computer.
  • Waz did not give the middle-finger when getting photographed.
  • Counterstrike was played.
  • Snowman admits to finding Windows useful.

So it was a good overall. We still seem to have issues with keeping the gaming going & organized, but we'll still work on this. It was nice to have the amount of folks for the gaming. We were able to have a complete internal match of Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory in the house!

There were also some great matches of Quake 3 Death Match, as well as Counterstrike.

Jason's house was plastered with the Battlefield 1942 Mocked WWII posters found on the net. Only a select few were printed, but they were equally fitting for Enemy Territory.

On friday, Mark cooked us some home made carbonara by request. It was good! he also supplied the BBQ'ing services for saturday. And saturday night. Torgo bought a huge batch of the famous ribs that everyone well enjoyed. A couple cases of BAWZ Caffeine drink were on hand as well, that stuff rules.

Japi had spent some time programming a Combat game for the NetFest to be played on the projector. It's an 8-player version using 8-joysticks via USB on a PC, using the Atari 2600 combat graphics & sounds. Unfortunatly, that never saw action since the projector area was used for table-space for more lan gamers! Not a complaint at all. Perhaps we'll set up the projector elsewhere for this game next time.

Puzzle Pirates. WTF.

With all the power being consumed by the amount of rigs present, some of the circuits in the house had possible subjectiveness to being blown. Only one circuit was blown during the party. Actually, it was power-strip that we blew. A severly linked-series of power strips in the basement triggered that. However, the possibilty of sabotage for the up-staris gamers was possible. The line powering the tabel of gamers there could be tripped by a single push of a button on the microwave in the kitch. Appropriate measures were taken to prevent this.

As usual, thanks for everyone for showing up. More thanks to those who brought food stuffs, this is very helpful and appreciated! A lot of food gets devoured at these things!

At this Net-Fest, every computer had problems.

Left to Right: sp00ch, Lime Green Goth, Morose Lucifer

Couch Lameness.
Left to Right: Kasta, Keith, Jessee, n00b

Left to Right: n00b, Zeus, Windsinger, Medic

Left to Right: Keith, Windsinger, Engineer, Snapcase, Lush

Left to Right: Keith, Doom Prophet

Do they ever move from there?
Left to Right: Kasta, Keith, Jessee, n00b, sp00ch, Lime Green Goth

Front: Morose Lucifer, Lime Green Goth, sp00ch
Back: Kasta, Bianca, Jessee

Front: Lesh, Snap Case
Back: Kasta, Bianca, Jessee

Left to Right: Doom Prophet, Keith

The n00b asks the master for help.
"What does the left mouse button do again?"
Left to Right:
n00b, Zeus

Left to Right: n00b, Black Bomberman, Lime Green Goth

Front: Monitor
Back: Morose Lucifer, Lime Green Goth's head, sp00ch's headphones & hair
Even further back: Nautica Boy, Kasta, Bianca, Jessee

Left to right in circular order: Japi, pr0nv0znick, pr0nv0znick, Black Bomberman, Doom Prophet, n00b

Jason waits patiently for some f00d.

He's really a Ducks fan.

Our official n00b!

Mr. Virus here shells out some compensation dough to make up for his "little friends" that made their way over the LAN.

Holy Crap, it's

The Princess

Left to Right: Black Bomberman (Winner!), Manjimaru, Master Ugly

Sleepy Time!

And Keith is 6'4"...

Left to Right: Squeetly Sqooch, Emo-n00b-Boy

Snapple-Case sleeps with joystick in hand, tongue hanging out, and, of all things, a plushy penguin! What a weirdo.

Windsinger just waking up with 2 hours of sleep!

Net-Fest Humiliation

Hands down, he wins this Net-Fest's Humuliation award.

Man Gets Lost In Own House

Everyone stands around waiting to play...

Left to Right: Jessee, Bianca, Vortex, Mike, Windsinger, pr0n, Snapcase, Irrelevant, Doom Prophet

October 11th, 2003

A very good lan party for gaming! We had a lot of excellent Death Matches going on, and we didn't tire of it! All sorts of games were played, but the pace was kept up and it was all good.

Unreal Tournament started a lot of the action on Friday. It was a lot of fun going back to this game. It still is a great game. On Saturday, we got everyone going with Unreal Tournament 2003, and it too was great. It took a bit to get the updates installed for everyone, but it was worth it, a lot of time was spent DM'ing in the various newer levels in the game. The Akira weapon rules.

We had a few rounds of Quake 3 Arena CTF using a railgun insta-gib mod from the Orange Smoothie mod. Surprisingly that went over very well and was indeed a lot of fun! There was also a good deal of Insta-Gib DM'ing too, of course.

Grand Theft Auto 3: Vice City with the Multi-Theft mod was a lot of fun, but unfortunately that game decided to be a serious bitch with installation for several people, so not everyone got involved in it. But it was good! What an excellent mod.

Halo for the PC was given a run as well, but unfortunately it's just too damn slow! And I don't mean performance, the game plays slow for an FPS. Compared to other FPS's on the PC, it's like super-slow bullet time. Walking around a DM map in that game is like trying to run in a dream, you don't! And god forbid you fire a rocket at someone. If you can't dodge those you just suck.

The round of Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory we had sucked.

The couch lameness is being fired recently by Burnout 2 for the Xbox. It's still a lot of fun to cause accidents, and get paid for it! An excellent crowd pleaser it is.

Saturn Bomberman finally got a return this netfest and was played on the projector! Woohoo! It was great. pr0nv0znick proved himself to be almost as good a game setup-guru as Waz. A few newbies were in on the action and got quickly involved with the phantom resets. It just proves how cool that "feature" really is. pr0nv0znick was the bomberman winner, with Jessee winning mad bomber.

Mike provided the skills this time to cook the BBQ burgers & hot-dogs since Mark was unable to make it. Good jorb too! We had a good stash of sodas and consumables brought by a lot of the attendees. We even had a good selection of baked cakes, pies & yummy stuff. Doom Prophet brought a case of beer, and Red Bull. Once again, these food contributions are very appreciated! Thanks guys!


Now this is a


Left to Right:
Guy Smiley, Galewind

Left to Right:
Svarog, Morose Lucifer

Left to Right:
Fat Rat, Torgo, Sqooch, Svarog

Left to Right:
Zeus, MDGeist

Left to Right:
Sqooch, Lime-Green Goth, Guy Smiley
Left to Right:
Roxikat, Sheik-Ur-Bootie

Left to Right:
Lesh, Snapcase

Left to Right:
Zeus, MDGeist, Neologicmedia, Sam the Yam, Morose Lucifer, Unknown

Left, Front to Back: Unknown, MDGeist, Zeus, Deadbeat
Right, Front to Back: Morose Lucifer, Unknown, Neologicmedia, Sam the Yam

Left Side, Front-to-Back: Zeus, Deadbeat
Right Side, Back-To-Front: Sam the Yam, Neo-"I Don't Drop Medpacks"-logicmedia

Left: Deadbeat, Zeus
Right: Neologicmedia (Headphones), Sam the Yam (Leg), Morose Lucifer, Unknown

Left to Right: Torgo, Fat-Rat

Japi blows a jock-snot into an open computer case.
"Oh, wait, I'm supposed to fix this..."


Left to Right: Fat-Rat, Jessee, Mark, Japi, Keith

Left to Right:
Rose, Snapcase, Japi

Left to Right:
Fat-Rat, Svarog, Jessee, Unknown

Left to Right:
Unknown, Lime Green Goth, Morose Lucifer, Rose

Left to Right:
Fat-Rat, Jessee, Mark

Left to Right:
Chrono, Chuck, Japi

Left to Right:
Fat-Rat, Svarog, Jessee, Unknown

Left to Right:
Fat-Rat, Keith

Left to Right:
Chrono, Unknown, Fat-Rat, Svarog

Left to Right: Sqooch, Lime Green Goth, Galewind, Unknown,
Unknown (Blue Shirt), Unknown

 Tier 1 WINNER
Davey vs. John E
Doug vs. Deadbeat
Monk vs. Phoenix
Japi vs. Kasta
Geist vs. Hairy M.
Torgo vs. Colleen
Pr0n vs. Keith
Rose vs. Windsinger
 Tier 2  
Dave vs. Deadbeat
Monk vs. Kasta
Geist vs. Torgo
Pr0n vs. Rose
 Tier 3  
Dave vs. Kasta
Geist vs. Pr0n

Final Match  
Dave vs. Pr0n

Davey vs. John E

Monk vs. Phoenix

Japi vs. Kasta

Colleen vs. Torgo

Keith vs. Pr0n

Windsinger vs. Rose

Dave vs. Deadbeat

Monk vs. Kasta

Torgo vs. Geist

Rose vs. Pr0n

Geist vs. Pr0n
DAVE vs. pr0n
pr0n WINS!
(doesn't it always?)


This is Mad Monk's fault.

He likes to throw those things at you.

Left to Right:
Unknown, Morose Lucifer, Sqooch

Left to Right:
MDGeist, Mark

Left to Right: Unknown, Lime Green Goth, Snapcase, Lesh, Japi

Left to Right: Chuck, Windsinger / Blue Brat, Chrono,
Morose Lucifer

Left to Right: Svarog, Snapcase
One of them plays Counterstrike.
The other plays Tribes 2.
Can you guess which is which?

Left to Right:
Jesse the Ref, Svarog,
Sqooch, Morose Lucifer




I'm crushing your head!
Morose Lucifer



Fat Rat

Rise Of Humiliation

It's a centerfold of Keith!
With dirty socks and all!


1st place: Torgo as Frenchy
2nd place: Purple Bitch
B-Point King: Torgo as Frenchy
Mad Bomber King: Mike P. as Master Ugly

After-Thanksgiving dinner on friday evening.
Note the missing Lasagna.

Left to Right: Neologicmedia, The Deadbeat, Sam the Yam, Unknown

Left to Right: IrishQ, Torgo, Mother Hen
They're sad. Someone at all the pizza.

November 29th, 2003

A total of 28 gamers in the basement! Woo! What a good turnout we had. Having everyone in the basement together is great instead of being split up on two floors. The trash-talking never ends. But everyone liked being together for the gaming like this.

The reason for putting everyone in the basement was to leave the upstairs room open for the Air Hockey table that Jason recently bought. It rules. Everyone likes Air Hockey. Jesse came up with the Air Hockey tournament idea and executed it very well, good jorb! We'll be having more of these in the future. The walls around the air-hockey table may not last long. Torgo managed to turn off the dining-room lights with a skilled puck-shot. Nobody up stairs is safe from stray, flying pucks. Especially when they're Lesh-Seeking pucks. Oh yeah, the whiteboard we used for keeping the scores was provided by Keith. He just so happened to be carrying one around in his car trunk.

I decided to award one of the shirts as the Air Hockey tournament prize, which Svarog / pr0nvoznik won.

Unreal 2 XMP (Extended Multiplayer) is a great game, well worth breaking your keyboard over which Blue Brat managed to do. Coming back to your base after 10 minutes of skulking around to retrieve an artifact only to find a fully-manned Juggernaught parked in your driveway will do that. But the balancing & objectives work out very nice. The vehicles are great, and the jumping-jet packs seemed to agree with everyone.

Call of Duty is a great game. The retrieval missions did not go over well at all, they weren't liked very much. Team Deathmatch, however, was perfect. The sniping boards are great fun. We'll be seeing more of this game at our lan parties.

We actually have a favored RTS game! Rise of Nations seems to have won over the people. The usually tedious RTS management has been automated nicely in this game, which make sit more fun to play for the non-micromanagement folk.

We tried Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory again. It went better than last time, but still wasn't very even.

There were some great Quake 3 matches going on. We explored a bunch of the Orange Smoothy maps that haven't been played at this LAN.

And then of course we had our Bomberman tournament. Torgo 0wn3d, he was ahead for the whole thing and clinched it by round 13 of 16. Japi almost got B-point king, but MDGeist and Torgo both focused on kills instead of overall wins once they knew that Torgo had secured 1st place (i.e., MDGeist was killing himself off immediately so he could mad-bomber everyone). A special thanks to Lime Green Goth for drawing a great Bomberman picture for our prize!

Once again thanks for everyone who brought food and stuff to eat. And eat we did, there was some major bellyaching going on around 7:00AM the next morning. With the return of Mark for this netfest, we had our star chef cooking up the food on the grill.

No explanation needed.

Torgo & Epee
Enagement Lunch
(it's about god-damn time)


The happily-engaged couple, Chris & Cathy!

All of us took the couple for a diner run.

The usual shenanigans went on.

Thanks to the waiter who took these pictures for us.


Jason receives his gift from all of us leechers.

pr0n closely covets his pushing pirates...

Game Over Keith!

Japi & Fat Rat somehow ended up with the same gifts!
Another picture I don't really have to explain.

Marc bags a Rock Tumbler.

Roxikat shows off his new boxers.

Lesh boldy saved humiliation from Windy by grabbing her own gift in the drawing.

Galewind covets an animation cel from the game.

Gesit and his Silly Bowling Ball set.

Now we know what it takes to make Snapcase smile.

Windsinger looks way too happy with those leggo blocks.

Mad Monk has a friend!
He really looks like he needs one too.

Getting friendly.
Or not-so friendly.

Torgo had this, and of course it was stolen by pr0n.

Hen drew names from the tupperware cookie thing for the next person who could select a gift.

Roxikat and Marc entertain themselves.

The crowd waits for their turn.

By My Stuff!


Svarog is down with the Pirates, Yo.

I'm a Field Op.

Monk looks really confused.
God does he suck.

Jason Constructs A Command Post!

Roxikat has definilty been up way too long without sleep.

Monk just falls asleep like that naturaly.

Of course it could be the couch that makes that happen, too.

Okay, maybe not.

Well now, Torgo is sure having a nice dream.
Must be pretty exciting.


Yeah that takes skill.

All quiet in the lan dungeon this night.

Yarrrr! Here there be Couch Lameness instead!

December 27th, 2003
This weekend started off a long end-of-year gaming festivile. Several people made Jason's house their home during this time through the New Year.

Some of our biggest news comes from Torgo/Galewind who finally upgraded to an AMD64 system. Oh, he's also engaged. :) Congratiulations to Chris Gregory (Galewind) & Cathy (Epee)! We celebrated with an outing to a diner.

So we pooled our money together and bought Jason a christms present: A Kitchenaide Mixing Bowl. A lot of discussion went to find something for him that wouldn't be a short-term gift (like a hard drive) or something lan-party related. Geist gets the credit for coming up with this gift idea.

This year the Chinese Gift Exchange makes a comback. Very successful and a lot of fun as usual. Some good gifts showed up, and a couple intersting ones. Something about Pirates Popping.

Rise of Nations still has a dethgrip on some people. Quake 3 with the OSP mod still holds our attention in deathmatch & especiialy CTF. Call of Duty is a great game, but it gets trying after too long with Team Dethmatch over and over. The Ship level is a lot of insane fun.

Burnout 2 is probably forever a staple game at our lan. Causing accident was never so addicting! But yeah, great game to play with a group of people.

Air hockey. Mmmm. Definitly one of the coolest things at Japi's house. Besides Japi's house. And his couch. Wait, the couch is lame...

DDD Games'
2003 New Year Lan Party!




Left to Right:
Spooch, Funnyman, Vortex
Phoenix, Marc, Kastafox

Left to Right:
Geist, Snapcase, Lesh, Galewind, Rose

Left to Right:
Galewind, Geist, Snapcase, Lesh, Sonic

Front Right to Back:
???, Funnyman, Spooch, Lime Green Goth
Right Back:
Zeus/Endure Dawn Death/Zen


Now that's some hard-core sleeping.

They all look confused. Monk must have actually scored!
Holy Shit Batman!
Japi shows Monk how its done. Muahahahaha.
Torgo gets trashed off of sparkling cider. The 3 wise guys.
Talk to the puck! No D.
Zeus finds the gun and loads up.
The New Year's celebrations turn into the first Air Hockey tournament of the new year!

 Tier 1 WINNER
Lime Green vs. Sheik
Snapcase vs. Rose
Vortex vs. Roxikat
Pr0n vs. Torgo
Spooch vs. Funnyman
Windsinger vs. Doomprophet
Phoenix vs. Deathmetal Dan
Monk vs. Endure_Dawn_Death

 Tier 2  
Lime Green vs. Rose
Vortex vs. Torgo
Spooch vs. Windsinger
Phoenix vs. Monk
 Tier 3  
RIse vs. Torgo
Spooch vs. Phoenix

Final Match  
Rose vs. Spooch

Lime Green Vs. Sheik

Rose vs. Snapcase

Monk Vs. Edure_Dawn_Death

Phoenix vs. Deathmetal Dan

Torgo vs. Pr0n

Doom Prophet vs. Windsinger

Lime Green Vs. Rose

Spooch vs. Windsinger

Phoenix vs. Spooch

Torgo vs. Rose
Spooch vs. Rose
Spooch WINS!


Left to Right:
Lime Green Goth, Vortex, Spooch, Doom Prophet, Funnyman

Svarog getting 0wned again by Monk



Rose pr0n

Lime Green Goth and Spooch

Lime Green Goth Deathmetal Dan


We have a contender!

New Year's Festivities



Left to Right:
Torgo, Windsinger, Funnyman, Chrono, ???

Left to Right:
Windsinger, Funnyman, Chrono, ???, Doom Prophet

Left to Right:
Svarog, Snapcase, Lesh, Monk

Left to Right:
Vortex Portal, Torgo

Left to Right:
Roxikat, Deathmetal Dan, Snapcase, Lesh, Japi, Svarog, Monk's Bald Head, Torgo's Hairy Head

Left to Right:
???, Roxikat, Torgo, Deathmetal Dan, Snapcase, Monk, Svarog, Japi

Left to Right:
Phoenix & Keith

Left to Right:
Spooch, Lime Green Goth & Ketih

Left to Right:
Torgo & Monk

Left to Right:
Monk, Snapcase, Endure Dawn Death, Lesh
What the hell is he doing with that bottle?

Left to Right:
Chrono, Doom Prophet, Zeus

Doom Prophet's Rig Funnyman's Rig

Japi took photos.

And so did Blue Brat.
Hey, put that back woman!
??? Doom Prophet Deathmetal Dan

Marc knows his place.
Dont'cha, bitchcakes.
Mmmm, so that's the the burgers taste so good, the ol' secret sauce trick...

Keith knows his place too.
Spooch Svarog Rose

This may explain why some of the pictures SUCK.
Masters of Different Keyboards
Endure Dawn Death

Galewind constructs his new command post, an AMD64 based system.
Being a level 0 Engineer, as opposed to Japi's Level 4 Engineering skills, it took Torgo a few tries to get it working.

December 31st, 2003

Holy Crap was this a great lan party! So we brought in New Years with laming, what else would we do? We've only done it for the past 4 years.

So a lot of people showed up. Some set up camp for the 2 weeks at Jason's. In any case, it was great fun. Lots of gaming. Lots of food. Lots of stuff.

Thanks goes to Roxikat for drawing the characiture of Monk you see in the Airheads picture.

We had a gathering in the living room for the countdown for the New Year with sparkling cider stuff to help bring it in. Then we went right into the Air Hockey matches.

There was a well sported Airhockey tournament that was run by Phoenix and Rose. Spooch won and stole a shirt as the prize.

The Nerf Airgun proved itself to be a damn cool gift.

We played a lot of good matches. A decent round of ET was actually had, but lots of Quake 3 CTF, Call of Duty (with snap owning usually 'cept when Blue Brat got a Bren), and unfortunatly, Rise of Nations. :D

Marc once again provided a lot of effort to continually BBQ'ing the food for all of us.

Thanks to everyone who showed up. This was definitly a great party for the New Year. We hope to see you again at the next DDD Games New Year Netfest!